The 2014 Annual Patio Sale

Every year the large retirement center in our town hosts a patio sale to raise funds for their Benevolent Fund. Items are donated and curated from residents and their families and I’ve never walked away without a handful of treasures. Pause, who am I kidding, handfuls? More like, bag fulls! Two summers ago we went […]

Tree Top Play Date

This post and the play date I attended were both sponsored by Tree Top. It was an honor to join in the fun and I’m excited to share with you about the details! #TreeTopPlayDate On Tuesday, Heather invited the munchkins and I to a super fun playdate with the Tree Top gang. We met up […]

Fly, Butterflies, Fly

Two little memos today on behalf of two fab sponsors —> have you shopped with coupon code WOWHUGGIES yet? You’ll save $12! And, I’ve got a fabulous giveaway coming very soon – start browsing/pinning recipes now so you’ll be ready if you win! Our schooling is done for the year. I get a D- […]

A Day (or Two or Three) By the Sea

It took me 47 hours to pack. It always does, which makes me regret “vacations” before they even begin. I mean … it is W-O-R-K to assess your life and take all the essentials plus some. AND, believe it or not, I still forgot the kid’s toothbrushes and toothpaste. #stellarmama But, when all was said […]

Summer Bucket List

Welcome summmmmmeeeeerrrrrrrr! June has been the most beautiful EVER and this week holds the first official days of summer. It’s going to be a jam-packed, memory-making, super-fabulous summer if you ask me. Here’s our 2014 Summer Bucket List! What are your grand, or fun and simple, plans for the summer? Whip Up Homemade Popsicles These […]

Pacific Northwest? Don’t Miss the Wild Waves Giveaway!

Lil’ announcement for all my Pacific Northwest friends … I’ve got a giveaway for Wild Waves tickets over on olymama! Don’t miss it – you’ll have a blast, as you can see … I did! Don’t be fooled by my tragic reenactment of Lumberjack Falls though. Wild Waves actually has a great assortment of rides […]

Portland Eats

Did you know I lived in Portland for almost 7 years? It’s where I went to college and where Dominic and I met. Jemma was even born there! Portland will always hold a special place in my heart – for many reasons – one such reason being the fabulous food! Around every corner, Portland boasts […]

28 Innings … Wait, Years

And just like that, the guy I fell in love with at 20 is now 28! Happy Birthday, Dominic! To celebrate we used our tickets from ScoreBig to catch a Mariners game last week on a Seattle date night. We attempted to hit the ballpark food favorites, most of which disappointed, but we did see […]

I Hate to Love the Zoo

The other week I was flying solo. For 5 whole days. Dominic was on a work trip to Vegas, yes, I know, for a super awesome management training. He was nominated and all that jazz and promises he didn’t have much fun without me. The binder of seminar notes and assignments he brought home confirms […]


Yesterday was the big day! My sweet baby sister married her dashing boyfriend of four years and she’s off to begin her new life as an officer’s wife. I’m so proud, pushing back tears and truly honored to have been a part of their beautiful wedding.   Hannah Pinterested and planned ever since their engagement […]

Adventures at Wild Waves

We live and breathe by the school calendar around here since two of my family members are teachers. So,  mid-June marked the beginning of summer around here. We kicked off the season of freedom, fun and family with a trip to Wild Waves Theme Park which is a hour freeway journey from our home in […]