I Hate to Love the Zoo

The other week I was flying solo. For 5 whole days.

Dominic was on a work trip to Vegas, yes, I know, for a super awesome management training. He was nominated and all that jazz and promises he didn’t have much fun without me. The binder of seminar notes and assignments he brought home confirms his lack of fun … poor guy.

Anyways, upon his departure I informed him that this kids and I needed a little play money for our staycation. And, being the fun mom I try to be, I chose the zoo.

Now, I hate to love the zoo. I really do. Those poor animals do not seem happy at all. Artic fox jsut don’t belong in the Pacific Northwest, neither do tigers. And the polar bears can’t be excited to be in that mini little habit. After watching Blackfish, animals in captivity just make me cringe something fierce. My environmental science major sister says there are perks though – studying behavior and providing a home for injured or otherwise misplaced animals. So, I guess it’s a toss up. What do you think about zoos?

Needless to say, the wee ones had a blast! Max made a new friend, who he thought was a water cow …

photo 4And Jemma voted the elephants and sharks as her favorite.

zoo 5.14 2I couldn’t get over how picturesque the day was. If Dominic’s work ever moves us away from here I’m going to need a miracle to keep my sanity. I just love it here. This place, the Northwest not the zoo, feels like home.

zoo 5.14Technically our zoo is an aquarium too which adds a neat-o element to the zoo adventure …

zoo 5.14 3 zoo 5.14 4So, there you have it. Dominic went to Vegas and I went to the zoo. Kinda of the same thing in many regards.

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  1. says

    I think the zoo is just one of those things that are encapsulated by their good and bad (or potential bad). I’m itching to take Baby Boy to the zoo soon, though he’s still you young to fully grasp the experience! :)

    • says

      By the time they're walking I think they're ready to give the zoo a try — it just gets better from there!

  2. mdott922 says

    I understand the downside of zoos, but don't forget the upside. A lot goes on at the zoo that is not on display…such as breeding programs and animal rehabilitation. Plus, the more kids learn about animals, the more they will respect them.

    • says

      Very true! Obviously, without zoos we would never see or experience so many of these animals. And our zoo has played a big role in reintroducing red wolves who were nearly extinct!

  3. says

    Okay.. The starfish all curled up like that!!?? Totally weird looking!! For some reason it’s fascinating me and weirding me out. (…I’m fairly positive weirding isn’t a proper word.. It doesn’t sound correct) ;)

    Your zoo Looks fun the views are great!