Staycations Rock!

We’re back from our staycation which means >>> laundry and home days alllllll this week!

Knowing that I’d be in my third trimester this summer we didn’t plan any grandiose adventures. Just a trip back to our hometown. When we discussed summer plans all the kids wanted was to go to their favorite summer camp. So, that’s exactly what we did. Easy peasy. Well, easy peasy thanks to my mom and sister who juggled the crew with me all week!

I made the trek home last Sunday (just 3ish hours, but still, solo with 3 kids makes that a decent trip!) and the bigs went to camp every weekday morning. Then, we played with friends, ate all our favorites, and accomplished glamorous things like dentist appointments in the afternoons.


Best of all, I fit in a mom date with the ol’ gals. Because, SOOOOO NECESSARY!

Have you staycationed this year? Enjoyed the local fun? It really is so nice not to deal with airports and rentals. Home is a fabulous place! 

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