5 Reasons You’ll Love Visiting the American Girl Store

We booked our trip to Chicago to visit family before we knew it would fall during my first trimester. It was the steal of the year … like, we all flew, round trip for a few bucks over $500. Ya’ll Southwest is where it’s at! We had a grand ol’ time touring around Naperville, hitting up the outlets in Aurora, and spending a day in the city. The really big city of Chicago! Our family’s first, but hopefully not last trip there … so much to do and see! We had fabulous donuts at Do Rite and hiked to The Bean, but the highlight of the day was our stop at the American Girl store. Especially for Jemma and her cousin, Karrington. 

Now, we currently live about an hour from the Seattle American Girl store and it’s a lovely store. The staff is great and Jemma squeals with delight whenever she knows we’ll be visiting. But the Chicago store? It’s a whole new ball game! It took everything we love about AG and bumped it up a notch and a story! Jemma and Karrington were in heaven and, well, their dads were too when they got to surprise their little girls with some accessories they had been hoping for. Nothing like makin’ cute cousin’s dreams come true!

If you have yet to trek to your closest American Girl store, find out where it is and plan a visit! It’s SO worth it!


Here’s 5 reasons we love visiting the American Girl store …

It Brings the Catalog Alive

It’s always a happy mail day when the American Girl catalog arrives in our mailbox, but seeing everything displayed in person is 10x better! 

There is a Restaurant

If you thought American Girl products were special, just wait until you dine alongside your doll in a cute little doll chair that attaches to your table. Jem is a big fan of the milkshake there :)

There Are So Many Extras

Ear piercing (for dolls), hair styling, trips to the doll hospital when needed … the store has it all! So bring your doll and get fancy or fixed up!

You Learn to Prioritize

Jemma tends to circle TONS when the catalog arrives and it’s like, “Yeah, I know you want it all, but what is REALLY on your wish list?” Seeing the dolls and accessories in person has really helped her hone in on what she is saving for.

It’s a Lasting Memory

You know those childhood memories that were extra special? Visits to the American Girl store will be one of those for Jemma and I. We tend to go just us and make an afternoon of it and there is nothing more special than being immersed in something she we love, dreaming big, and spending one on one time together. 






Love that quote – “stand tall, reach high, and dream big” – absolutely what I want for these girls. American Girl is so much more than dolls. They’re helping to raise a generation of girls that are ready to make a difference! 

Have you been to an American Girl store? What’s your favorite part of the experience?


A special thanks to American Girl for gifting Jemma and her cousin their matching Gabriela dolls. It was such a great adventure to take those 4 cuties into the city and experience the store together!

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    We love flying Southwest, especially with families! The flight attendants are usually so accommodating and helpful and the prices are so great.