31 Weeks

Here’s to being a few weeks into my third trimester! We are so smitten with this boy and he made out like a fat rat thanks to some Black Friday/recent sales.

In case you’re curious …

How far along: 31 weeks

Gender? It’s a baby brother in there!

Weight gain: I finally did a check in – 173 pounds is my current weight. In the spring when I finished my last race I was in the low 140s but I know by the time baby was on board I was probably up 10 pounds. Quarantine led to a lot of baking, lol! So overall I’m up 25 pounds I’d say.

Sleep: Pretty rough. If it’s not discomfort it’s low level insomnia. Like, right now it is 2am and I’m wide awake plugging through my to do list.

Best moment this week: Baby had hiccups and it was the sweetest! Jem was with me and was able to feel it all!

Worst moment this week: It’s my own fault, but I 100% know I’ve been doing too much. Basically I’m just run down. Thankfully I passed my gestational diabetes test but also found out that my iron is extremely low. It’s all catching up and a few down days (weeks?) is definitely in order. The rest of December and January and, well, up until baby arrives is going to be pretty calm I hope.

Miss anything: I was silly and ordered a Trunk Club recently. This is Nordstrom’s Stitch Fix-esque service … but better because you can request things and actually chat back and forth with your stylist. Of course most things didn’t fit … or they fit funny. All that to say, I miss normal waistbands. Just the same, I know I will miss this sweet baby bump immensely in just a few weeks. If you need a little winter pick me up, schedule yourself a trunk – newbies get $50 for free no strings/subscriptions attached!

Movement: All the time! Literally bouncing off the walls … of my insides, lol! I love every little jab though. I can tell he’s getting big!

Cravings: Not a ton. Which apparently “lack of appetite” is a symptom of low iron. I do love a warm cup of cocoa, cider, or creamy decaf coffee and soon I want to make a batch of cinnamon rolls. Or just buy a good one to save myself the time and energy.

Queasy or sick? Not a bit. So grateful this has passed.

Looking forward to: baby snuggles! I’m much less fearful of labor than I have been in the past (I mean, I have survived four times) and thus I’m putting 99% of my thoughts towards the sweet newborn phase. I also can’t wait for the big kids to experience a new baby. Jem remembers bits of when Eli was little (she was 7 then), but Max and Reid don’t. They’re going to be the best big siblings!

What Jemma says: I’m pretty excited to have a new baby in the house!

What Max says: It’s going to be so cool to have a fourth member of the “wild brothers”.

What Reid says: I like the baby.

What Eli says: I WEALLY WUV DAT BABY. He’s sooooooo ‘dorable!

30 weeks with Eli + 31 weeks with Reid + 34 weeks with Max + 31 weeks with Jemma

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