The Prince of Pouches

“Mooooom! Reid just squeezed his pouch and is painting with it! AND NOW IT’S IN HIS HAIR!”

This is my life. One little “emergency” after another. 

Since it’s not really an option to stop feeding the 16 month old Prince of Pouches I’m striving to teach him to accurately feed himself sooner rather than later. And of course I use accurately loosely. Max is still figuring out some details at 4! Just last week I firmly encouraged him to stop eating like an animal and choose a utensil :) Now he laughs and laughs and tells me, “Today I will eat like a fill-in-the-favorite-animal-of-the-day … no, no, how about a HUUUUUUMAN!” 

Yes. Please. Let’s practice eating like humans :) Then I can feel more human and less maid.

Prince of Pouches

The latest and greatest in human food for the new eater crowd is Gerber Grabbers with Smart Flow. It eliminates the whole pouch painting disaster. Gerber Grabbers with Smart Flow are genius, a huge step up in the pouch market. Not one drop landed on Reid’s pristine white tray. Looks like we’ve got a new pouch favorite due to the fabulous flavor and Smart Flow feature! Cheers to Gerber for knowing just what moms and pouch loving little darlings need.

Grab a coupon for Gerber Grabbers right here!

In case you’re curious, because I sure was, here’s how Smart Flow works …

  • Smart Flow pouches have a customized opening that controls the flow
  • The opening is sized perfectly for what’s inside the pouch
  • It also has gentle, rounded edges, so you could call it an ergonomic pouch 

Basically, it’s smart. It’s Smart Flow! Take a peek at the consistency difference and Smart Flow fix in this 15 second clip. Smart Flow is patented, so you know it’s pretty cool!

smart flow


Smart Flow Grabbers

Reid Gerber Baby

Gerber Grabbers with Smart Flow are available at Kroger and Kroger affiliate stores. In the Northwest that’s places like Fred Meyer and QFC. Don’t forget your coupon and be smarter than me and buy at least doubles of each variety while you’ve got a chance to save! Reid doesn’t lie about his pouch love and had I offered a second right after his first, he would have been in 7th heaven!


Gerber Grabbers With Smart Flow

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  1. says

    That smart flow sounds like some pretty clever technology to me!

    • Gretchen says

      It really is! I’m impressed!