Valentine’s Day Gift Guide — Presents Couples Can Share

This post is sponsored by Uncommon Goods, all thoughts and opinions are yours truly!

It’s the month of LOVE! Valentine’s Day is almost here! 

For our very first Valentine’s Day (way back in 2007!), Dominic gave me a beautiful diamond heart pendant. We had joked that when he gifted me diamonds for the first time I would take out my nose stud.  He very much disliked my nose piercing and I was all about landing a nice gift — I just never thought it would come so soon! But, I kept up my end of the bargain and 3 1/2 months after becoming boyfriend/girlfriend I traded my nose sparkle for a bunch of little sparkles in the shape of a heart! It was a good Valentine’s Day :)

These days we don’t do too much for Valentine’s Day. Four kids and a new house can cramp the gift giving category of our budget like that. But, we are hoping to squeeze in a date sometime during the month (I’m crossing my fingers for a steak somewhere!) and will probably exchange something meaningful, but useful. Past Valentine’s Day and this one too most likely, we will choose something family-focused, for our home, or something we can share. True love is practical like that :) How about you? What are your Valentine’s Day traditions?

If you’re like us and opt for a couple’s gift for Valentine’s Day, take a look at all the unique options from Uncommon Goods. As a carefully curated shop, Uncommon Goods items are mostly made in the USA and as a B Corporation they use the power of business to solve social and environmental problems when it comes to things like wage levels, environmental impact, and giving back to the community. When you shop at Uncommon Goods, do so confidently because care and responsibility are at the forefront of all they do.

Below are a collection of gifts you and your valentine might enjoy together. I know we sure would! Or, if you’re on the lookout for your man specifically, you might find something he’d love here. And, Uncommon Goods is a goldmine for personalized jewelry and other treasures for your own wish list so don’t be shy in sending your love few ideas just for you!


Mates For Life Print — This would look wonderful in a wall collage and I love the sentiment behind it.

Healing Stone Mugs — Dominic and I both appreciate a good mug and these hand-thrown ones are gorgeous! Sign us up for a pair! Cheers!

A World of I Love You Print — Kind of obsessed with this! Perfect for a family room IMO.

Rooted In Love Planter — We’ve upped our indoor plant game a lot lately and this would be a fun addition to our home’s greenery.

At Home Tranquility Mask — These days, so many of our dates are home dates thanks to our four little ones and I think we could both get on board with a home spa night!

Avocado Hugger — Pair with some homemade margaritas after the kids are in bed and “Ole!” you’ve got yourself a guacamole date night. 

Oven-to-Table Entertaining Platter — Dom and I are quite the duo in the kitchen. Plus, I love a practical gift that revolves around good food … in case that wasn’t obvious :)

How do Valentine’s Day gifts work with your significant other? What Uncommon Goods gifts would you and your love appreciate the most?

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