The Very Amazing, Oh-So-Fun Nugget Comfort

We have discovered the very best toy in the whole entire world! An impossible feat? Nope! Ya’ll the Nugget is perfect in so many ways!

Now, when you see the Nugget your first question is probably, “Is that really a toy? Isn’t it more like furniture?” Well, yes and yes 

Have you noticed that kids gravitate towards many things they aren’t technically supposed to play with? Pots and pans in the kitchen, jumping on the bed or couch, turning cardboard boxes into vehicles and spaceships … kids love to play, not necessarily because of the toy, but because of the experience. And the Nugget is ALL about the experience of play.

The Nugget can become anything. ANYTHING! All it takes is a little imagination!

Read the rest of my review and see many of the creations the kids made with our Nugget over at Baby Gizmo >>>

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