Max Man’s Music (a Playlist) + The Greatest Headphones Ever (That You Can Win)

Today’s post and giveaway is sponsored by Puro Sound Labs.

I’ll be honest, until I connected with Puro Sound Labs, I didn’t know there were headphones with noise limiting capabilities. Had I, you can bet Max would have had a pair. Because this little music lover only believes in one volume — LOUD!


Often enough you can hear me telling Max to turn his headphones down. Well, technically, I tell him to turn down his “telephones” because that is what he has called headphones for years :) But that’s not the case anymore! Thanks to his Puro BT2200 Studio Grade Children’s Bluetooth Headphones, I no longer have to worry about his precious little ears or the future of his hearing. Puro Kids headphones merge quality sound with safety – a mother AND son’s dream come true! 

When compared with other kids headphones, Puro is leaps and bounds ahead. They offer studio grade audio, an 18 hour battery life, durable aluminum construction, bluetooth/wireless capabilities, 85 dB cable limiter (which is the maximum recommended by the Hearing Health Foundation and other notable organizations), and a 30 day money back guarantee/1 year warranty. As a mom who loves technology ease and organization I also have to highlight that the quick start guide got Max’s headphones up and running without me calling anyone for help and they come with a fabulous hard case for storage too. Wins all around!



With over 150 positive reviews (I’m a review junkie!), I promise, you can’t go wrong with investing in your child’s hearing with these amazing headphones from Puro.

In honor of Max’s new headphones, he and I thought it would be fun to share his personal playlist — Max Man’s Music. These are the songs Max begs to turn up loud and wants to dance to, the ones he says calm him down and make him feel brave. You’ll have to forgive some of the not so preschool picks, Max loves his radio pop songs and will assure you  over and over that he only says “shut up” when he’s singing along :)

Max Man's Music

Max is also a fan of choreographing and incorporating props with his jam sessions … hence the sword for when he listens to “Fight Song”.



Want your little one to safely listen to music, watch movies, play apps and more? Puro is giving away a pair of their BT2200 Studio Grade Children’s Bluetooth Headphones. Your color choice! Enter below …
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  1. Laura S says

    A Bushel and a Peck by Doris Day, I know it’s kinda old, but that is the kinda music I listen too…

  2. Naomi says

    In the market for children headphones. These look great

  3. Stef says

    The Free To Be Me & You cd is a huge hit in our house. “You’re not the boss of my brain” is also a hit here.

  4. Jennifer Hall says

    My little one loves any of the Veggie Tales. Her currently love is the Silly Songs with Larry CD.

  5. Shelby says

    Try anything by Shakira. My son LOVES Zootopia, and this is his favorite song by far!

    • Shelby says

      Whoops, *Try Everything* :)

  6. Annette says

    Oh I wouldn’t know what to recommend to him. Any of the old Disney songs would be fun.

  7. Stephanie Phelps says

    I think he would like Pharrell Williams – Happy .

  8. Ellie Wright says

    I’m not sure, but if it was my granddaughter I’d say the Frozen soundtrack.

  9. Darcy Novak says

    A song from Bars and Melody. These two boys are truly amazing. My kids listen to them.

  10. charityk says

    anything by the wiggles!!!

  11. cheryl larimer says

    The Hokey Pokey. Everyone should know that song; young and old.

  12. Nichole McK says

    Hakuna Matata or You’ve got a friend in me

  13. .Christine L says

    some Ozzy or Pantera would be nice

  14. Laurajj says

    Oh our little one loves The Best Song Ever by One Direction! Oh he loves dancing to it!

  15. Cheryl B says

    My Granddaughter would say anything Frozen.

  16. Katie Robertson says

    Shake by walk off the earth

  17. Hannah says

    The songs from Tarzan are the best!

  18. amanda whitley says

    my kids love the moana soundtrack,