Usborne On the Go: Books + Activities For Happy, Smooth Adventuring

I don’t think it’s any secret that I love Usborne. The kids and I adore their stories (sweet and clean and options for all ages!) and puzzles (sturdy and pretty!) and our homeschool shelves are full of resource books we dive into often. But, Usborne isn’t just books … and that’s exactly what makes them A+ for adventuring!

Plus, this week they’re launching a new, easier to browse website. So if you’ve ordered from Usborne before – you will definitely want to hop over again and take a peek at what’s new and improved!

Back to family adventure prep. Don’t get me wrong, I am 100% on board with car/plane screen time for trips. Time in the car or on a plane doesn’t have to be all books and learning. I’ve got a big ol’ bundle of DVDs ready to go and a plethora of audiobooks downloaded for our upcoming drive. But, in my experience, the secret to passing time from point A to point B is … variety.

Start out with a few audiobook chapters, switch to learning wraps, then a snack, then sticker books, then movie time, snacks again, nap, joke book, dry erase activity, more audiobook … you get the idea. Rotate, rotate, rotate. Then, BOOM, you’ve arrived!

To keep the variety comin’ here’s a handful of our families favorite Usborne activities for adventuring! Stock up now and you’ll never be without a collection of options for when you hit the road.

Joke Books

Only $5 and oh so funny! This series also has animal jokes, sports jokes, knock-knock jokes, school jokes, and farm jokes.

Build Your Own _________ Stickers

Do we have this whole line of books? I think so! The boys are HUGE fans. Dinosaurs, aliens, monster trucks … they’re intense, but pretty fun and time consuming. Search “little stickers” for sticker books geared toward younger kids.

Learning Wrap-Ups

These are the very first thing I recommend when it comes to Usborne. Learning Wrap-Ups are the best way to practice math facts – a game and review all in one and so easy to pack and store.

1001 Things To Spot

1001 is a robust series of eye spy books – perfect on the go activities for all ages. And, from personal experience, a great activity that often segues to a little shut eye.

100 Things To Know Series

For older kids who love facts and figures you cannot miss out on the 100 Things To Know Series. It includes volumes about space, food, history, coding, planet earth, oceans, saving the planet, and science.

Water Wonders Painting Books

Painting in the car? Yes! Snag some of these mason jar lids and pack an 8 ounce jar and a skinny paint brush (it will fit perfect in a cup holder). Now your kids can paint with water in the car thanks to Usborne’s Water Wonders collection! Choose from scenes in the arctic, on the farm, in the jungle, or in the ocean. Search “magic painting” for a water painting series geared toward older kids.

Activity Books

Usborne has GOBS of amazing activity books. Thick pages and really quality content. Search “pad”, “puzzles”, or “activity” to see which one might catch your littles interest. Some specific we’ve enjoyed: Over 80 Brain Puzzles, 99 Math Puzzles, Over 50 Secret Codes, Animal Trivia Questions, Space Puzzles Pad, and 100 Things To Do On a Car Trip. Each book is just $5-8.

Fingerprint Activity Series

A book and stamp pad all in one lets kids create art right on their lap. Make dinosaurs, unicorns, bugs and more with this darling little fingerprint activity. Just keep a baby wipe nearby to clean off colorful fingers.

Wipe-Clean Books

Usborne has over 6o wipe-clean books – something for everyone, all ages. That pack of baby wipes will come in handy once again with these.

Across the USA Activity Book

I know I already mentioned activity books, but, seeing that I’m rounding up fun for road trips it seems important to mention this one especially. Adventures are the perfect time to dive into geography and Usborne mixes education and fun so well. This one is a must. We love the State Capitals book too.

To be entered into a free book giveaway complete your order by Tuesday, June 21, 2022.

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