Reid — 15 1/2 Months


Once upon a time, if I remember correctly, my kids had monthly updates here on the blog. I don’t remember much anymore, but I did use the old fashion search bar and discover that Reid hasn’t had a personalized update since he was 10 months <<< look how short his hair was!

*Mother walk of shame*

Or, more like, mom of 3 plus another on the way reality. It’s a good thing Reid knows how much I love and adore him! And I do. Because he is absolutely scrumptious!

Here’s a little 15 1/2 month update on Mr. Reid …

Reid Loves — Trips to Costco (hello samples!), watching Little Einstein with his brother and sister, wrestling with Daddy and Max, emptying cupboards, playing outside in the playhouse, swings, reading books, taking baths, building towers, brushing his teeth, and sucking his thumb. 

Reid Dislikes — Playground slides … poor boy was terrified! He also dislikes when he gets told “no”, that brings on a very forced and dramatic cry, but is necessary quite a bit lately because he thinks the knobs on the gas stove are fun to play with!

Reid Can Say — To “Dada” and “Mama” we’ve added “woof”, “uh oh”, and “Ma” for Max. He can also sign “also done”, blow kisses, wave goodbye, and click his tongue. He understands so much and I’m sure a landslide of words are around the corner.

Reid Eats — So much! Practically everything! His favorites are water, meatballs, Pirate’s Booty, raisin toast, almost all applesauce based pouches, grilled cheese, and cookies! He had his first from Haggen the other week, a freebie from the bakery, and he laughed with joy after every bite!

Reid Can — Crawl backwards (he thinks this is very funny) and safely down the stairs, walk (finally! that’s new this month), turn pages in his books, sleep in his crib from bedtime until 3-4am (my only baby who has ever done this!), respond to his name and follow little directions, and make us smile all the live long day.

Other notable mentions are that he has no impending surgeries (yay!) and as of last week weighs 28 pounds, 12 ounces. He wears 18-24 month to 2T clothes and size 4/5 shoes. He’s a big, healthy boy and 






Reid appeased his dear mama with a few photos in honor of … well, so much … being a week post-op, being an almost big brother, being my snuggliest sweetheart … he’s just a go with the flow kind of guy and I both want to freeze time so he’s always like this and speed it up so I can see exactly who he becomes. 

Now that he’s a walker he thought it was hilarious that I wanted him to lay down and smile. He oscillated between laughing and growling at me, but we managed. And, once he discovered how soft our new rug is, he laid down, popped his thumb in his mouth, and acted like he was going to close his eyes for a nap!

The Bereber rug in beige from Lorena Canals has been the perfect addition to our master bedroom/nursery space (oh yes, once our littlest is born we’ll have our king bed and two cribs all in one room!). In addition to the simple, soft pattern and durable design my favorite feature of the Bereber … it’s washable! Just what we need for a high traffic, kid-friendly zone. It’s also non-toxic and made from 100% natural cotton, so, if Reid fancies a nap on it, I have no qualms. 

Eventually, once the new house is built, I’m planning for this rug to follow the boys into their room. I think I’ve decided to go with a dark wood flooring and a cozy rug is exactly what they’ll need. Maybe even with a poof for cozy seating! And did I mention that you can toss everything by Lorena Canals right in the washing machine? #boymomessential


Ok, I’m off to rock this little man to sleep. He’s going to be 16 months before I know it and I’ve got to get in all the snuggles I can!

Fabulous rug c/o Lorena Canals, I think this may be the beginning of a very wonderful obsession.


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    I’m so happy for you that Reid is such an adventurous and hearty eater!