Third Baby Wish List

Let’s talk baby #3 today! What I may “need”, what I want and what I’ve come to determine is pure poppycock in the realm of baby necessities.

No, no – not expecting over here! Deep sigh of relief I’m sure from my husband who occasionally reads my posts. But, not expecting doesn’t keep me from thinking about the future of our family. You see, with both a daughter and a son we wouldn’t need much, if anything, to adequately welcome a third child. We’ve cloth diapered and those are still in good repair, I’ve got clothes for both genders in just about both seasons and I’ve learned that all the gadgets are short lived, and in most cases, a waste of money and space, ahem, exersaucers and all their cousins, cough cough.

Without further adieu, here’s what I’m dreaming of for our third …

third baby wish list small

I think I’m going to try out the creative Modern Baby Books by Edna May next time. Try being the key word. Poor baby #3. At least I can promise a hefty load of Instagram photos.

Soft-soled walking shoes are all my kiddos wear until they’re able to run. I’d rather invest in one or two solid pairs than a basket full of uncomfortable options. Count this as a big ol’ sign pointing you to Freshly Picked.

For my last two babies I’ve used an Arm’s Reach Cosleeper, which I love for nighttime. But, aesthetically, I’m kinda dreaming of this Moses basket and stand to tuck in a corner downstairs for daytime naps.

By baby #3 I should probably try a pregnancy pillow like this one from Bump Nest, right? I’ve heard amazing things and will definitely take the plunge with my next growing bump.

LWPSews whips up the most darling crib sheets, so pretty and a beautiful refresher for a little, who may be using a hand me down crib or floor mattress.

The nursery most definitely needs its own diffuser for sleepy lavender or Breathe when a little cold sets in. The Jasmine diffuser is my favorite and is also affordable. Plus, it comes in great colors!

Whether you’re a mom of your 1st or 10th, I’m screaming from the rooftops to forgo all snugglewear except bamboo fabric pieces – it’s amazing. Kickeepants rocks, as does this cozy little sacque from Beba Bean.

For itsy bitsies I’m all about ring slings – this one from Sakura Bloom is on the top of my wish list.

Need shoes? No, not at all … but, every new baby deserves something fresh and new of their own. Especially if I plan a little photo shoot around these crazy DARLING boots from Gracious May. If #3 is a girl, my Ivy Kathleen, I’ll be crossing my little heart for these!

WHO compliant and the best breast pump I’ve read of, the Hygeia EnJoye is a must-have investment piece for mamas planning to pump. It is a closed system (like hospital grade pumps of other brands) so it can safely be bought used, sold and/or shared between mothers. All you need to do is purchase separate attachment pieces which usually run around $40. Ameda also sells a closed system pump. Other brands are open systems and should not be shared or bought used.

If you guessed that our third wee one will be a gender surprise, you’re right! Well, with the exception of those little boots. If I could see into the future, I’m anticipating a grey and yellow scheme, but we’ll see. Baby #3 is most likely a few years off. For now, I’m just dreaming through a wish list with all my friends who seem to be announcing their growing bumps these days!

Mamas of 3 (or more) what have you wished for or found necessary as your family grows?

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  1. says

    Quick question. If you don't know gender… how are friends supposed to sew for baby?! Do you just choose a color theme you love? Ahem.

    • says

      Oh Laura! Yes, I would say go with a just a color :) Yellow or green. Or, so not traditional baby, but totally hip — black and white!

  2. Loyal RUN says

    That Moses Basket is the cutest!!

    • says

      I know! Not necessarily, but truly beautiful! Can' you just picture newborn photos in it?!?

  3. Darah says

    Being around 6-8 weeks away from having #3 I feel like I can say with confidence that our memory foam mattress is the best pregnancy splurge ever. Haven’t had any need for extra pillows at all- and my hips have been fine! I slept on a regular mattress a couple weeks ago and it was awful. Ok so that investment and then I’m buying way more side snap onesies for those first weeks just because they’re the cutest ever.

    • says

      Yes! Love side snap onesies! And now you've got me thinking on a mattress – that's a GREAT idea!

  4. Hannah says

    The only must have I found with my third – an ergo (or carrier of your choice). That thing saved my sanity and probably the older two’s lives on occasion as we dashed between cars and raindrops, holding hands with baby strapped in. To this day, Lee spends the majority of our outings on my back. Taking 3 out still ain’t easy.