Home Decor Dreamin’

Home Decor Dreamin

Since my last house post, nothing new has happened. Sadly.

Dominic did a hefty load of research on the land I fell in love with and deemed the 30+ acres to have “a postage stamp size” corner of buildable land. Humph. 

So, back to square one. Often, when the land hunt gets too boring/stressful/depressing I jump light years ahead and virtually shop for all the treasures I hope to buy to turn our someday house into a home. I’ve got rugs bookmarked, paint in mind, and a monster list of things I want Dominic to build and refurbish. It’s going to be grand. Someday.

Then there are all the little extras. The unique touches that make a table shine; a wall say hello. Uncommon Goods is prime dreaming ground for such treasures and I had such fun gathering a few of my top picks for you to peek at …

Gala Photo Display — I should just order this now. I love framing photos, but in a first world problem kind of way, it’s time consuming to change them out as often as I would like. This photo display would make changing photos a breeze!

Reclaimed Wood Branch Table Runner — Um, this is just beautiful! And neutral. Something that adds a pop for every day all year round.

Personalized Faux Bois Vase — D&G. I can see it now!

Suspension Bridge Shelf — My grandpa was a bridge engineer so this feels extra special.

Handmade Lidded Basket Hamper — Hamper or pretty toy basket? You choose!

No Place Like Home Pillow — It’s the truth!

My Cinema Lightbox — I think mine would start out saying “Be Nice To Your Mama”. 

What treasure from Uncommon Goods would you like to add to your home? They’re stocked with awesome things for your garden and gift giving too! 

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