Winter Games Ready

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The winter games countdown has been a big deal around here. The kids are SO into it and we’ve been learning and planning for a few weeks now. Library books, coloring pages, and lots of ice skating pretend play in the kitchen thanks to clean floors and slippery socks :)

Our neighbors came over for dinner on Tuesdays and Jemma was excited to inform them that, “February 8th is the first day of the winter games!” She carried on about her entire games history, “I do not remember the last winter games because I was only 3, I only remember the summer games from when I was 5. Did you know the games happen every two years, but they go back and forth — winter summer winter summer. When the winter games happen again I’ll be 11!” I’m surprised she didn’t end with, “How old will you be when the next winter games happen?!?”

Needless to say, the winter games are worth celebrating! After all, I’ll be 35 the next time they come around, lol!


Keep reading for details on my winter games essentials – some amazing snacks and healthy living support – because even though I’ll never join the ranks of winter games competitors I do have my own little team of cuties to stay active with!


popchips Peanut Butter nutter puffs

If you love peanut butter you’re going to go wild for these snacks! So crunchy, so peanut butter-y! Best of all, popchips Peanut Butter nutter puffs are one of those snacks a mama won’t feel guilty about dishing up. They have a good dose of protein, are gluten free, have no artificial flavors, and are non-GMO. That’s a snacking win!

Scoot over littles, mama wants to watch the luge and snack with you!

Find where nutter puffs are sold near you here or order on Amazon.


White Claw® Hard Seltzer

Light and bubbly, the ruby grapefruit variation of White Claw Hard Seltzer is a welcome treat during stressful events. I mean, how else would you recommend the nail-biting wait for a triple axle? White Claw Hard Seltzer is both low carb and low calorie and comes is four great flavors – ruby grapefruit, natural lime, raspberry, and black cherry.

Find where White Claw Hard Seltzer is sold near you here.


PodPocket – AirPod Holder

Whether you’re listening to music during a workout to stay fit or a podcast to stay mentally sharp while you clean, headphones need a home when they’re not in use and PodPocket is the perfect one! This airpod holder made of high grade silicone has a reinforced key ring hole with premium key ring/clasp that allows you to keep your headphones safe and accessible. Perfect for clipping on to a gym bag, purse, or backpack.

Find PodPocket online here.


BEE & YOU Royal Jelly Raw Honey and BEE & YOU Propolis Raw Honey Throat Spray

I’ve been learning more and more about the health benefits of honey and it’s one of those things that is truly amazing! Honey is anti-inflammatory immune booster and a great addition to one’s daily regimen especially if it’s an unfiltered and unpasteurized raw honey full of essential proteins, oils, vitamins, and carbohydrates like BEE & YOU. Ya’ll know I love a good honey drizzle – remember that fancy grilled cheese? BEE & YOU would be the perfect addition! Or, stir into tea before or after you hit the slopes winter games style :)

And, if a cold catches you off guard this winter season, let the magic of honey help heal and boost your immunity with the BEE & YOU Propolis Raw Honey Throat Spray. Propolis is a natural bee product that has antibacterial, antibiotic, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties; such a great product to have around when illness strikes. I won’t say I’m excited to give it a try (sore throats are the worst!), but I am glad I have this natural option on hand and ready to go.

Order BEE & YOU products with code SPC20 for 20% off through February 16, 2018.

Is your family planning to watch the winter games? What is everyone’s favorite competition to watch?


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