Renew Your Contacts Prescription From Home

This post is sponsored by 1-800 Contacts but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

It’s probably comes at no surprise to you that I’m always on the lookout for ways to save time while accomplishing my to do list. Lucky for you, when I come across something fantastic, I’m definitely going to share!

So, here’s the latest! Did you know you can order contacts and renew your contacts prescription through the 1-800 Contacts app? In less than 10 minutes? Including a vision exam?

Well, you can!

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Despite my Type-A-ness, I tend to push time consuming tasks like “reorder contacts” to the very bottom of my list. Or, I completely forget and then run out of contacts. No good! As much as I love my glasses, when I’m driving I ALWAYS want my contacts in so I can wear sunglasses. So, all that is to say, finding a way to renew and order my contact prescription in an easy way is totally up my alley!

Through the 1-800 Contacts app you can take a quick online vision exam from home when it’s convenient for you. 1-800 Contacts and their ExpressExam vision is easy, like, maybe too easy – it guides you through each step and in case you have questions, there is live 24/7 support. When the exam is done a licensed ophthalmologist reviews the results and a new contact prescription is on its way in just a day! And that’s that – you’re ready to order new contacts and check that very important to do off your list!

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Thanks to 1-800 Contacts I’m saving time and money and, well, those two things are always high on my to do list. It’s never my first choice to take kids along to appointments and coordinating Dominic’s work schedule so I can go solo is not simple. The price is right with 1-800 Contacts too; free shipping and an unbeatable price guarantee. 

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Ya’ll, what is not to love? Saving time and money means less stress, more flexibility, and in my case, extra dollars in our family adventure fund :) And really, being out and about with these people is always my number one priority.

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If you are a contacts wearer like yours truly, head over to 1-800 Contacts and take your ExpressExam stat! Skip the doctor’s appointment and renew your prescription before it reaches the top of your to do list … you will love seeing how much time and money you save!

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