5 Tips For Getting Outside No Matter the Weather

This post is sponsored by ClimateRight but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

The old me hibernated all winter.

If the weather wasn’t ideal, there was no way I going outside. Count me out! Inside, with cocoa and slippers is where I preferred to be.

Buuuuut, then I pieced together that my mental health largely relies on getting fresh air. So, I learned to get outside no matter the weather. Rain, snow, wind … it doesn’t stop me now. It slows me down, but it doesn’t stop me :)

If winter’s chill tempts you to stay indoors, here are a few tips for getting outside no matter the weather!



Just Decide To

I know the allure of staying inside. It’s warm and dry and really, who wants to bundle up all the kids when they’re content to play in their pajamas? But, deciding to get fresh air is the first step and once you make it a habit, I promise, it’s something you’ll look forward to!

Layer Up

A warm mama is a happy mama! That’s why I love my ClimateRight by Cuddl Duds at Walmart pieces – they’re the perfect base layer! For our most recent outing I opted for Thermal Guard leggings (rated for frigid weather!) and a Comfort Core top. I’m packing them for our snow and sledding adventure this weekend too!

Sip a Little

Before you head out, heat up a warm beverage – coffee with a few splashes of eggnog is my favorite – and sip while you stroll. Nothing like staying warm from the inside out!

Hold Hands

Sounds simple, but whether you opt for gloves or not, grab a loved ones hand and you’ll definitely stay warmer. Plus, there is something so special about holding your kid’s tiny hands.

Keep Pace

You gotta move it to keep the blood flowing! I aim for a brisk walk … which can definitely be hard when the kids pause to look at every leaf and jump in every puddle … but if I pop them in the stroller or wear one, I can definitely cruise. If a really get going, sometimes I even have to peel off an outer layer!


Are you feeling motivated to get dressed and venture out? Peek out the window and check the weather … no, wait, it doesn’t really matter, does it?!? :) 

Shop the ClimateRight Collection at Walmart in-store and online. For right around $10/piece you’ll be set for winter!




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