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This really deserves its own post, but … we’re moving! Not far. Just a few hours north. But in regards to moving it will still entail all the sorting, packing, cleaning, selling, then renting, then maybe hopefully considering building again, and unpacking, and settling, and learning a new place, a new town, a new Target! It’s still new and overwhelming and I’ll fill in the details someday.

Until then, I’ve got some “this and that” and wanted to share, because, MONDAY! Enjoy!

Obsessed with this pantry!

Another family’s homeschool plan.

Rainbow baby.

Outfit inspiration.

Great coupon for ya!

From a fellow 30-something.

Bulk deals make me happy.

What an adventure!!!

A NEED a wall like this. Maybe this?

Aren’t these prints gorgeous?

Oh heavens! Homemade maple bars!

Managing big emotions through movement – totally need this in my parenting trove.

Minivan mamas!

I WILL celebrate my 30th with these.

Mexican food is my absolute favorite.

Adding this to my book list.

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