Have Your Heard About Dry Brushing?

Today’s post is sponsored by Prana Brush. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

You know me, I’m always on the lookout for the latest and greatest. And, when I find something new that I love, I’m here to share about it!

Sooooo, have you heard about dry brushing?

Probably a year ago, Jem and I picked up a dry brush of sorts from Target. It was cheap and bristly and we had grand plans to exfoliate our skin into glow-y oblivion. 

We barely used it. It scratched and didn’t exfoliate well. We quickly abandoned our plan. 

Still, I kept hearing about the magic of using a dry brush. So. Many. Benefits. I didn’t want to give up! Perhaps I just needed a better, more researched dry brush …


Enter Prana Brush! Prana Brush is an ionic body brush – something special, something way better than your run of the mill dry brush. With ion-charged copper bristles the Prana Brush creates negative ions when gently brushed along the skin. Those negative ions are absorbed and then work to protect you from free radicals. It’s a molecular process, one you don’t see, but have the chance to experience. And, it all starts with dry brushing!

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The Perks of Dry Brushing

Where to start? 

Well, first, dry brushing is an A+ choice when it comes to exfoliation. It’s gentle and effective; great for the whole body. And, it’s super cost effective. If you use an exfoliation cream or cleanser, that’s something you have to replace. A dry brush exfoliates, but doesn’t have to be replaced because it’s never going to run out!

Dry brushing also detoxifies your body, improves circulation, balances skin tone, helps with digestion, and can reduce and/or prevent cellulite. The ionic copper component of the Prana Brush also boosts energy. There is so much to this, especially how dry brushing partners with the lymphatic system to detox. Read more about it here.

How To Dry Brush

I had the opportunity to chat with Jessica at Prana Brush and she gave me the 4-1-1 on how to use a dry brush. Here are the quick and simple tips to get started:

  • Brush in the morning if you can, before bathing
  • Start with the bottom of your feet and work up towards your heart
  • Brush gently in long strokes, pushing harder does not increase the benefits
  • Spend 2-3 minutes (yep, it’s fast and easy!) brushing your entire body, always stroking towards the heart
  • Tap your Prana Brush on the edge of the sink or bath to release dead skin, don’t get it wet, after all, there is a reason they call it dry brushing!
  • Bathe after drying brushing to finish removing dead skin cells and other toxins
  • Dry off and apply lotion or a body oil to moisturize your fresh and fabulous skin!


Where to Shop

Prana Brush is available here for $44.50. Such a great investment in your skin and overall health! I love my daily “body facial”; dry brushing is totally something I look forward too! I haven’t always taken good care of my skin, but it’s something I’ve really embraced in the last year. Best of all, it’s a quick process with lots of reward. If that doesn’t speak to mom life, what does?

Made from sustainably-harvested beechwood, high-quality copper alloy, and ethically-sourced boar hair, the Prana Brush is going to be your new favorite thing! Trust me :)

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Follow Prana Brush on Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram for more information about this amazing wellness practice. Before you know it, you’ll be in love with drying brushing just like I am!

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