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tulip wheelbarrow

Daylight Saving is treatin’ me real fine. I’m LOVING the longer days, fresh flowers, and sometimes warmer weather. In the last week we’ve oscillated (isn’t that a great word?) between rain boots and sandals, wind breakers and shorts, but all in all, Spring is good. 

Truly, I’ve been a little overwhelmed with all life is throwing at me lately. Work has been a busy, but time consuming. The kids need me a lot and at the end of the day I’m exhausted and touched out while still aching for more snuggles, more moments with them small. Bottom line … I’m a sentimental, hormonal mess of a postpartum mom. Like, sappy happy and crying tears of joy all too often. These littles of mine are my peace and my fun and the exact dose of perspective I need to keep my priorities straight. It’s my prayer that I do them justice, that I balance everything well and that they look back on these days and smile. 

Before I turn my attention to Dancing With the Stars and mapping out tomorrow’s to do list, here’s a little this and that I’ve been collection! Enjoy!

I kind of want Cindy to become my personal home decorator.

I don’t think I’ll ever grasp how these WWII refugees have turned their pain into hope.

Emergency prep shopping list, I mean really, think about it!

We don’t parent alone.

I’m so in love with these swaddles, such cuteness!

Functional, chic, and wipeable … I have one and love it!

“She likes to call herself a Type-B homemaker” … amen.

Everyone needs to get one of these, automatic smiles for all.

So impressed with this sweet girl’s memorization skills!

Jill just rocks.

Love seeing what other mamas are reading!

Can’t get enough of these songs.

“It is a choice we make daily — to choose faith over doubt.”

I’ve been following Linley ever since this fishtail braid tutorial!

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