Run, Mama, Run + a GIVEAWAY!

First off, a big fat confession … I haven’t run since my 5 miler race 10 days ago. I know, the shame! So much for the glorious routine I had going! It’s going to hurt to get back at it, but I will. After the weekend :) And after this fine, fine caramel flan latte I’m sipping.

I have a lot of excuses for my running break, the biggest being the first trimester BLAH. Granted, I also have a lot of incentive to get back at it — gym childcare, all the stamina I’ve built/don’t want to lose and this awesome accessory. But before I get into that, AND THE GIVEAWAY FOR ONE OF YOUR OWN, my race results!

When I initially considered signing up for a 5 mile run I hoped I could complete it in an hour. That would be a consistent 12 minute mile pace for 5 whole miles. Slow to some, pretty darn fabulous for me. Once my training got going, an hour seemed more than doable! I was averaging some 10:30 miles! Not to brag, but on occasion, if I really lost my breath, I could run a 9:30. So awesome for this couch potato who prefers spa days to sweat-a-thons.

On race day I decided that 55 minutes would be a feasible goal. I didn’t really train with inclines, because, well, hills suck, and the course had some hills so I figured that running 5, 11 minute miles would be a good plan. In the end I completed the 5 miles in 53:56! With a side ache of death! Joy! Go me!Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Now, the more time I spent training for this run, the more time I realized my phone tucked into my sports bra was not ideal. So much sweat, gross, I know, and not very comfortablePlus, I’m sure Apple isn’t prepared for a sweat warranty request. Can you hear me now, “I mean, Mr. Apple Dude, it wasn’t SUBMERGED in water, but it did get a little soggy somehow …” And, when I wasn’t at the gym, I added my car keys to boob number two and hoped they didn’t find themselves falling out somewhere around the lake.

Obviously, I was in a running predicament.

I started looking for a running fanny pack. Yes, I Googled, “hip mom exercise fanny pack”. There was nothing I wanted to drop a dime on, no matter how functional. One thing led to another and I discovered FlipBelt. PERFECTION!

This is what I know … and what you need to know to save yourself from fanny pack demise.

FlipBelt is not a fanny pack – not even close! It’s comfortable and doesn’t ride up or fall down. Even after 5 miles! It breathes! It’s washable. It holds everything you need while you exercise. On race day, mine was packed with my phone, headphones, a Larabar, chapstick and tissues. flip belt in action

Oh, and you don’t have to look like the models to love it :) See, my FlipBelt fits just perfect alongside my love handles! flipbelt underflipbelt over

I don’t run without my FlipBelt these days. It’s a staple just like my shoes and FlipBelt is going to share the love with one of you! Yep, you can win your very own, and thus, avoid an awkward conversation with Apple :)

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Thank you FlipBelt for making my runs simpler and more awesome! No compensation was received for this review, but I did receive a FlipBelt of my own. A medium if you’re curious :) The size chart is pretty accurate when lined up with your pant size if you plan to wear your FlipBelt at your hips. 

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  1. says

    How cute is that!?!? I’m a fitness newbie. I only ran for the first time in my life yesterday. A mile in 10 minutes & 41 seconds! Woo! :) I’ve lost 95lbs since February 2015 with about 25 more till goal. I’m so excited to see my body doing things it never could before.

    That being said, the only thing I hate about my workout clothes (love saying that, “workout clothes”) is the lack of pockets. Seriously! Where in the world am I supposed to put my keys!?!

    This seems like the answer to that question. Yay! :)

    Thanks for the awesome chance to win it! I like the plain gray & the aqua one is cute too!

  2. Ashley Bree Perez says

    I love the pink one :)

  3. Mary says

    good job Gretch!!! I love the aqua and royal blue…thanks for the giveaway

  4. Katy Savolskis says

    love this blog post!!

    my favorite color is neon pink but violet is a close 2nd!

  5. kate schwartz says

    this is amazing!! i love the black!! and carbon! ;) ryan and i were just talking about running with the littles and where we could put our phones/keys!

  6. Alina Conn says

    Favorite one is the Royal Blue. Gorgeous color!

  7. Sean says

    I love the black one. It’ll go with every workout outfit I own :) Love that you can carry everything you need while wearing it. Very modern look indeed.

  8. Kristin N says

    I’m digging the violet. A nice pop of color, but not too crazy :)