Happy Halloween!

I’m not a fan of Halloween. But, I am a fan of costumes. Especially my kids in costume! So, for posterity’s sake, here’s their 2017 trick or treating line up …


Jemma never asks for a costume. She always dreams up something and pieces it together from her closet. Remember the tooth fairy outfit? Here she is and the necklace I made her so people would know what she was. This year, she wanted to be The Swan Princess. She told me what dress she intended to wear and asked that I just find her swan wings. Amazon came through with a cheap and easy option. 

Max LOVES bald eagles. Talks about them nonstop. My mom found him a costume a long time ago and he regularly flies around the house acting like an eagle. He said he definitely wanted to be a bald eagle for Halloween so thankfully all I did was dig out a black tee and black pants for him to wear with his wings and mask. Everyone called him a turkey. He yelled back, “I’M A BALD EAGLE”. They would say, “Oh! An eagle!” He would yell again, “BALD” EAGLE!” followed by a pretty joyful “Thank you” as he skipped through flower beds. Sorry about that, neighbors!

Oh my poor Reid. We’re in the haphazard phase of renting and not for sure knowing where we’re going next and the costume I bought for Reid on super sale last year (BB-8!) is buried deep in the garage. So Max loaned Reid his Stitch costume instead. Stitch is a regular feature alongside Max’s bald eagle outfit so it’s always in the closet and ready for action :) Reid actually loved being Stitch and kept his hood on the entire night. It kept him quite warm too! 

Eli and I’s doula gave him a Superman outfit and he just barely squeezed into it! Quite the buff little Superman! 



I want to see what your kids dressed up as, share a link to any photos you shared or blogged in the comments!

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