Flashback Friday – it’s baby Max!

In a week, my little mister turns 2 1/2. He falls asleep on me each night, all snuggled and rosy cheeked. Just like he did when he was an itty bitty. And now, he’s not. He’s pushin’ 40 pounds and can practically bulldoze me over in a few seconds flat. But when he’s drifting and almost asleep, it’s all preciousness. From his wild, crazy days (because two and a half be SUPER crazy) to the limp and calm breath in, breath out, I can just close my eyes and feel that tiny little man from not so long ago. 

It’s bliss-y. In that sentimental mom kind of way. And I’ll probably always be like that and I’ll probably always write about it. There is just something so perfect feeling your sweet baby’s weight on your chest – whether it be that newborn 10 pounds or that toddler 40 pounds. Feeling those tiny fingers drum and pat; feeling the whispers of their little breath. 

And I don’t want to ever forget. Ever.

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  1. jamie says

    i had to chuckle – newborn 10 lbs? only you, my dear!!!! :)