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I have a whole list of draft posts sitting in WordPress. 37 to be exact. Some are partially done, others are waiting a photo, most are just topics I want to share, brief reflections and yummy recipes. This summer, I’m trying to work through them. I’d add “all” to that sentence, but “realistic goals” is my new mantra so maybe I’ll aim to get half of them written. #recoveringoverachiever

Today I’m listening to Black Eyes Peas while I write so it only seems fitting to give you the lowdown on postpartum style according to yours truly. Boom Boom Pow.

Here’s an explosion of selfies from my two postpartum rounds. Since I have an almost 2  year old I’m trying to refrain from considering myself truly postpartum, although thanks to crazy mama milk boy I still feel like I’m hanging onto the last bits of postpartumhood. Anyway, the majority of these photos are from October 2010-October 2011 and then again from August 2012-August 2013 – just the year post baby when my body tends to be in major transition mode.

postpartum style

First off, I’ve shared all my thoughts on losing baby weight. But, to recap, postpartum days are all about grace. Your body has done amazing things and shouldn’t be coerced into too small clothing in the name of looking hot. You are hot – you’ve done an amazing thing birthing a baby, so honor it with some fun purchases just for this transition. You bought maternity clothes, right? Well, postpartum clothes are totally a thing too! And from my experience, Stitch Fix does a great job when making notations about being postpartum or asking for breastfeeding friendly clothing.

Now, I’m no fashion guru, I enjoy shopping, but am really in a phase of life where I’m working on my evolving style. I’m neither an office career woman or a full fledged frump mama, I’m somewhere in the middle and am finding pieces that are comfortable, make sense for my daily life AND look pulled together. It’s a feat! Slowly but surely, I’m finding some wins though – often inspired by this lady or this gal’s simple closet.

Excuse the selfie barrage and occasional poor lighting, grasp the ideas, you’ll see what I’m going for in each category …

When you don’t feel skinny, wear skinnies. Even if they’re still maternity ones! There is no shame in buying a fresh pair of maternity jeans, the kind with an elastic waistband, no panel. The goal in looking pulled together when you’ve got mama pooch and you can do that by balancing your shape. I prefer flowy, not baggy, on top and skinny on the bottom. Elastic waistbands avoid muffin top, let me breath and are gentle on my mid-section. You can also opt for just a larger size of pants, but let’s face it, I’m vain enough to prefer a maternity medium (because I’m normally about a medium) than purchase a 12. Although, these stretchy jeans by Wit & Wisdom run big and are a fabulous postpartum investment. And as of today, they’re 40% off – seriously, buy them and order a size down. You’re welcome.

skinnies collage
Flowy Tops + Buttons Ups
You can see in almost all of these photos that I’m wearing a flowy-er top. Flowy doesn’t equate to bigger though – it’s about the cut. Look for tops that are fitted around the girls, but have a longer length and drape well. Button ups fit the bill and are my go-to for boob access and midsection masking. I also like some ruffle or embellishment up top, dolman sleeves and modest V or scoop necklines.

flowy tops collage buttons ups collage
Tunics + Leggings
Leggings are not pants … for public viewing. I DO wear leggings often in their intended state though … as thick tights with a tunic type top. For me, tunics are too short to be a dress, but too long as a regular shirt … add leggings, jewelry and a scarf and you’ve got the best postpartum outfit.

tunics collage

Draw attention to the skinny parts of you – I love wearing mid-thigh shorts if the weather allows. Again, with flowy tops, no tummy sucking tanks.

This is just genius … benefit from babywearing AND cover your midsection. Consider your wrap the best possible postpartum accessory!

babywearing collage
Fitted Jacket
I don’t know what it is, but my North Face jacket makes me feel super trim. I think because it has skinny arms, a snug fit around the hips while kind of billowing around my waist. Plus, they’ve got lots of great colors! I always buy mine at the REI garage sales for a fraction of regular price. I love longer coats too, but sometimes worry I look like a sausage when I zip them … thoughts?

fitted jacket collage

It seems counter intuitive to belt your mid-section when that is usually what you’re trying to hide, but adding a belt at the right spot can really pull an outfit together. See …

belt collage
High Waisted Skirts + Maxi Dresses
Dresses are my favorite when pregnant, so it only seems natural that my love of them follows after baby. High waisted skirts are a fab illusion and the only time I wear a fitted tee or tank since I position my skirt above my belly button. Maxi dresses are another win and if they are strapless, have spaghetti straps or a deep enough scoop you can easily breastfeed in them. I snuck in one newer picture to show off my new favorite maxi dress option – instead of a cardigan, I’ve started layering a crop top over my maxi dresses!

skirt maxi collage
New Hair + Accessories
When all else fails, forget clothes and go for a new haircut, fresh accessories and SHOES — those always fit just perfectly :)

new hair collage

There you have it – all my after baby bod style snapshots. What are your postpartum style tips and favorite outfit combinations?

And seriously, if you’re in the bind of needing something new, but you can’t make it to the store for a marathon of trying on clothes – StitchFix will be your savior. I’ve got a fix coming later this month and will be sure to share what all I get! Complete your style profile here and get your fix scheduled!

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  1. says

    I am just now weeding some things that are finally getting too big. I liked skinny jeans with loose tops for a while, but I am ready for shorts!
    Marie @ In Our Happy Place

  2. says

    flowy tops are my bestest friend right now!