Supplies to Foster Independent Preschool Craft Time

Oh VIVA and Walmart, a high five and big thank you for my few moment’s of peace. By sponsoring this post (and having such a fab product) it may just become tradition for me to sip my morning coffee in peace!

I’ve got homeschooling on the brain – majorly. It’s all I pin, it’s all I read, it’s all I shop for. I’m both anxious and thrilled for September to be here. Both for Jemma and I’s learning adventures, but also for the preschool homeschool co-op I’m planning with a few local mamas. This year … it’s gonna be good.

Seeing that it’s just preschool, I’m planning a lose schedule. No strict book work, lots of interest driven learning. For Jemma, that means crafts, crafts and more crafts. Thankfully we can incorporate almost all subjects into some kind of “craft”. Max even has the craft bug since he’s all about doing everything his big sister does.

Here’s the kicker though – being home with my kids all day e’ryday can make me go a little batty. I don’t have any regular breaks since none of our weekly activities are drop-off style. We’re always together – co-op, my runs, library story time … together, together, together! So, we’re implementing a handful of independent activities as part of our homeschool schedule. Both to enhance their independent playing which will teach problem solving, responsibility and creativity and to give mama a much needed break!

Our homeschool room is the perfect place for independent craft time and Jemma truly flourishes during her solo opportunities. I love seeing what she comes up with!

To successfully foster drama-free, mess-free craft time I’ve set Jemma up with a fabulous little station of supplies. With these tools she is able to craft (and clean up) to her heart’s content. photo 1Prior to her stint in solo crafts we talked through a number of scenarios …

What if she can’t reach something?

What if painting water spills?

What situations are appropriate to ask for help?

Being a firstborn and a girl, Jemma seems predisposed to manage her alone time very well. With VIVA Vantage Towels by her side she can curb messes with quick and easy clean up. These towels are unlike any others and no doubt quell potential frustration by staying strong as they soak up water and clean up sticky messes. I’m quite impressed with their durability and know it will always be VIVA Vantage in our craft supply kit.

photo 3viva 1viva 2photo 2Obviously I photographed this independent craft session, but after I left it continued for another 30 MINUTES! Viva la mama time!

Not only do VIVA towels soak up water to the max. They also scrub glue like no one’s business. Jem reported that after I left :) The V-Flex Weave offers stretchablility and ultimate scrubbing … even for little preschool hands. VIVA Vantage is just what we need on hand for tipped painting water and our new obsession – purple glitter glue :)

Jemma’s review /// “This kinda makes messes not very messy so I can do a new cwaft.”

There you have it. From the mouth of a true arteest!

As you round up those final back to school supplies add Viva Vantage Towels to your shopping cart! I’m seeing many, many rolls in our future! Especially with Max hot on the crafting trail!

Now, what projects/activities do your preschoolers like to do independently, craft or otherwise? I’m on the lookout for new things to introduce this year!

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  1. Jamie says

    We have a similar set up for Hunter is our guest room. We call it his “learning corner.” Books, games, toys, activity sheets, crafts he can do on his own but not use to destroy the room or consume :). Usually it’s based on a theme he’s into like planes or farm animals. He gets to be in learning corner for about 1.5 hrs in the afternoon a few times a week while his sister naps. It’s worked out really well, as long as we switch things out every other week or so. Yay for independent play and quiet time for parents too!

  2. pierogiemama says

    I'm working slowly towards allowing Penny independent space to work in. However, there have been several instances where crayon has ended up all over a couch cushion or on the window sill so I think I need to keep a closer eye on her ;) She has absolutely loved painting outside this summer and we've re-purposed her artwork as wrapping paper!

    • says

      Love repurposed wrapping paper! AND, best discovery ever for independent coloring are the Color Wonder markers by Crayola :)

  3. says

    What a fab setup you have going on! And those paper towels are legit! The stretchiest, most absorbent things ever.

  4. says

    I am so NOT adventurous in letting the messes happen but maybe I need to add some of these lol. That is such a great idea to have a basket with everything she needs in it!

    • says

      It seems she has just as much fun making messes as she does cleaning up … win win :)