Style File — Lily Jade Goes to the Market

Sunny days mean nothing more than an outing around here. No matter the pile o’ dishes or the tower of laundry we’re hitting the road for an adventure as soon as the sun beckons us. Because — well, that’s just what you do in the Pacific Northwest. The world stops at a 60 degree, no rain weather report and everyone pretends like they’re on vacation.

Our adventure? The market. What better place to snack (coconut cashews, oh my!), gather produce, spend too much on balloon animals and wander to our heart’s content.

lily jade alily jade 1market 3market alily jade 2 lily jade 5lily jade 11 lily jade 3 market 1 lily jade bcamo jacket, GAP | Diva shorts, Old Navy | tee, Wet Seal (of all places) | Caroline bag, c/o Lily Jade | bracelet, gift | flats, Tieks | Elsa coronation hair (as Jemma calls it), c/o dirty hair + gobs of bobby pins

With two littles tagging along being hands-free is key to our trio’s outing success. Thus, I need/adore/am obsessed with my Lily Jade Caroline bag. Everything I need is within reach AND the cross body strap gives frees up two hands for holding , carrying and saving all the fruit and pastries from a certain demise.

The Lily Jade collection boasts designer diaper bags at their finest – luxurious leather, a smart design and versatile function. Truly, it shouldn’t be called a diaper bag. Perhaps more of a mama tote that will take a gal from her child’s birth to their college graduation.

Let’s review the applicable stages, shall we?

First, the baby stage! Oh me, oh my – I’m finally not fully immersed in this here! But it wasn’t long ago and I most certainly remember what I looked for in a diaper bag. SPACE! ORGANIZATION! The “I can hold everything for any emergency” carry all. Lily Jade has that covered, mostly thanks to the brilliance of the baby bag organizer that comes with every Lily Jade purchase. The baby bag is a 16 pocket organizer that nests into the center of the bag and provides ample space and organization for all the required tools of motherhood. It easily comes out for repacking or sorting on the counter, is easy to clean and the Lily Jade functions beautifully with or without it. Long live the baby bag!

Next stage — my oh-the-live-long-day life — toddlers + preschoolers. I worry less about binkies and burp clothes and more about snacks and changes of pants/panties/socks. The baby bag works great for stowing all those essentials too. If you’re hungry, come find me. If you have an unfortunate accident and are a 4t, come find me :) I’ve got you covered.

And beyond? Well, I can imagine that my Lily Jade bag will serve me well in the coming school years – packed to brim on field trips, a camera bag, A DATE NIGHT COMPANION when Dominic and I chance to steal away and a tote for reading material while I snuggle in a warm car cheering on any given child at their sport of choice. I’ll park in view of the field – don’t you fear.

But what about graduation, Gretchen – you said birth to graduation?!? Well, I’ll leave you with this quote from my 55 year old mother who just had her last baby leave the nest, “Um, after you get a chance to enjoy that bag, do you think I could borrow it for a bit?”

Sure mama, anything for you :)

Hugs and kisses to that sweet mama of mine and hugs and kisses to the sweet team over at Lily Jade. You’ve got us covered in the handbag department and boy, do we ever thank you!

I received a complimentary bag from Lily Jade in exchange for sharing my love of it with you! And it’s true, I truly love it!

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    Our local farmers markets (4 of them!) all open tomorrow or Friday.. so excited!! And we have a pretty awesome fruit stand a few minutes from us. Can't wait to take the girls to our markets and teach them about local food :)