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prana yoga pants

Yoga pants.

They are my life blood. My every day. My momiform.

Some days I actually do yoga in them. I was attending a class quite consistently during my third trimester actually. Yoga was the perfect, easy exercise when I generally felt big and heavy; also there is great childcare at the gym, so … win win, triple win. Since Reid was born I sadly haven’t made it back. I’m not a total yoga quitter though, I have been stretching and posing on occasion at home. And if feels good be somewhat limber once again. And I’m back to slowly walking/jogging/running, but that’s a story for another day.

Some days I run errands in my yoga pants. As long as I have a tunic or jacket long enough to grace my bum, I consider it good, toss on some Birks or rainboots and run out the door. This week, the likes of Costco, Fred Meyer, the bank, and Starbucks will all see my leggings. Namely, the two new ones that have joined my sisterhood of yoga pants – here are the purple Prana leggings pictured above and the more subtle color and pattern from the Marika Balance Collection. Both are amazing!

Some days (read: most days), I fall asleep in my yoga pants too. They’re just that comfortable. And when I’m up off and on throughout the night anyway it only makes sense to be in something cute and comfy. Amiright? Or amiright?

Treasured yoga pants c/o Yoga Outlet. I pretty much consider them the super store of yoga pants now, plusalso, they have a GREAT sale section!


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    Thanks to your long hoodie on Instagram I’m now the proud owner of one myself… which means I will probably wear it + yoga pants for the first two months postpartum!