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Years ago, when I was just a mama to Jemma, I packed EVERYTHING in my diaper bag before we left the house. I mean, what if she got hungry or breastmilk splattered or it got cold or we had to wait longer than expected somewhere? I was the quintessential, uber prepared, first time mom. And God love her (me), because I had everything and enough to share! Always. I had snacks, changes of clothes (for both of us), toys, books, and more. I. Was. Prepared. And, I had a very heavy, very full bag to tote around … in addition to a chubby baby. 

Now, as a mom of four – who we fondly call the bigs and littles, I’ve got a whole new philosophy. Oh my goodness, it’s still weird to say/type that. FOUR! These days, I pack the bare minimum. Just the essentials. The things we would need to pull ourselves together and make it back to home base (the car) when disaster strikes. The car is where I keep spare coats, activities, snacks for everyone … all the jazz. In my Lily Jade Shaylee diaper bag … well, here’s what I carry:


Hobo Lauren WalletKB Cute Designs swaddle (perfect as a blanket, nursing cover, changing pad) – outfit changes for the littles (I opt to carry footed pajamas as a back-up since they’re a complete outfit) – Chico reusable shopping bag (for shopping or containing a mess) – Sakura Bloom ring sling – diapers and wipes (just a few, extras and more wipes are in the car) – flannel burp clothes (made by my sweet mama) – bag of tiny things (nursing pads, pads for the postpartum mom, extra contacts, on the go essential oils, hair ties, etc.) – snacks (mostly for Reid and me since we’re the ones who get the most hangry, lol)

Once upon a time, before I became a diaper bag minimalist, I weighed my bag and it was almost 25 pounds! That, plus a child (or two) is a lot for a mom to carry around. That led to my minimizing. I emptied my bag, found the basics, and called it good. As you can see, the basics (with room for extras if I really deem them necessary) fit perfectly. AND, it’s comfortable. Not too heavy, not too full, not too much to juggle alongside kids. It’s just right … Goldilocks style :)



Curious about the Shaylee? I love so much about it! My favorite being that it backpacks – check out this tutorial for securing your backpack straps so they don’t slip. I also love that it is tall without being wide and  of all the Lily Jade bags, I love the pocket situation on the Shaylee. In the front I keep my phone and keys (so they don’t get easily lost) and in the back I keep my coupons and shopping list. 


If you’re packing your bag for lots and lots of kids, remember, just the essentials! Your biggest ally will be keeping your hands free and keeping the car stocked with extras. And, when all else fails, there is most likely a Target nearby!

Alright, now to poll my favorite, wise mama friends … two questions:

    • What do you consider your “unique” essential? Like how I opt for footed jammies as our change of clothes option :)
    • Of all the gorgeous Lily Jade bags, which one is your favorite? Because, ya’ll, you have the chance to win one! Enter below …

That Mama Gretchen + Lily Jade Giveaway – October 2017!

A big thank you to Lily Jade for gifting me the gorgeous Shaylee as a “Welcome Eli” present! If you’re not already following them on Instagram, you must! The team there and the products they represent are gold. I just adore them.

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  1. Chelsea says

    Funny, I’ve been racking my brain for months on an outfit I can carry in my diaper bag for my son because I always opt to carry a romper for my daughter (sleeveless in the hotter months and a thicker one with sleeves when it’s colder out). Footed pajamas NEVER EVEN CROSSED MY MIND haha but it’s so practical! We have our third due in January so i’ve been thinking of upgrading my Madeline to a Meggan but i’m loving your review on the Shaylee and will definitely look into that one, too. Thank you for this post!

    • Gretchen says

      Congrats on #3! My third was a January baby too! You’d love the Shaylee … the outside pockets make it the most functional, IMO :)

      • Chelsea says

        Thank You! And i agree; Those zipper pockets are a major plus!! Also, not sure how i ended up typing January when I’m due December 21 but I guess that’s pregnancy brain for you, haha!

        • Gretchen says

          My 3rd was due in December and came in January … maybe you’re having some birth day premonitions!

          • Chelsea says

            Oh my gosh, and what are the odds that I *just* spoke with someone else who had the exact same due date as me and ended up having her son in January as well! haha Only time will tell!

  2. Shawnee Evans says

    I’ve been trying to think of our unique essential. It’s kind of difficult to choose.. probably the headbands I have to keep on hand. I’m a FTM and my daughter looks just like her daddy. Not that that is a bad thing really, (I think he’s super handsome lol ;) ) but she is a girl, and I’d rather people NOT say “he’s so cute!” even when she’s in pink. Because she’s a pretty princess to me! :)

    • Gretchen says

      I definitely get headbands around when my daughter was a baby :)

  3. Angel says

    Essential oils(; lavender! Helps calm baby down in stressful situations which happen far too often. Brandy meggan is my absolute favorite😍 I would love to have one someday.

  4. Sarah says

    My essential thing is the Tommee Tippee Easi-roll bib. With 2 year old twin boys and a newborn, they save my life while we are out and about doing errands. I put snacks in them so the boys are happy and occupied while in stores. 3 kids under 3. 3 kids in diapers. I’ve been searching for the perfect diaper bag for years and have yet to find it. I’ve gone through at least half a dozen bags with no luck. A Lily Jade bag might just be the end of my search!!

  5. Ellen says

    I think one of my essential go to’s is a wet bag. It can be used for more than just cloth diapers. It can hold wet/used wipes, swimming suits, clothes that are dirty from blowouts, used spoons/cups, etc. It’s also nice because it is reusable!! Also, I like having lanolin along for me and for my kids. It’s safe to use as Chapstick or on irritated skin on my kiddos! I love the Rosie in Gray or Camel! It would be so awesome to win! Having two boys now since August, it would be nice to have a bag big enough for both of the boys’ things!!

    • Rachel says

      A wet bag is my go to as well!! I have a double duty wet/dry bag that I pull out of my diaper bag if I’m going into a store… by baby #3 you realize all you need is a diaper and wipes (and a spare pair of undies for the toddler).

  6. says

    Just had baby number three! I thought I was the only one who packed footed pajamas as the back up! Who wants to attempt socks on a tiny infant in a store restroom?! NOT THIS MAMA!

    • Gretchen says

      All the love for footies!

  7. Susan Waite says

    I always, always carry my essential oils. And I absolutely love LJ’s. My favorite is a tie actually. I love both Elizabeth and Madeline. 😍😍

  8. Laura says

    I don’t really think I have a unique essential item in my bag! Maybe it’s actually my lack of essential items that are unique…like how I forget diapers, and wipes, all the time …

    Rosie is my absolute favorite bag!

  9. Sandy Becerra says

    As a “New Mama to-be”, I feel so out of the loop, but super eager to learn from other mama friends on what the essentials are.

    I have been lusting over Lilly Jade bags.. I think my favorite is the Meggan because I like the big pocket in the front for stashing a wallet.. but they are all gorgeous and would make the perfect baby shower gift 🎁😍

  10. Ashlee Parkinson says

    As a first time Mom I won’t have an “unique” essentials for my diaper bag. I enjoy learning from other moms what they pack, since I have become an oberpacker. My need to bring everything has helped my anxiety because I am prepared for anything to happen. An over stuffed bag and no room for my stuff is why I am drawn to the Lily Jade. My favorite is the Madeline.
    Since my daughter is young and still battling acid reflux, I carry multiple burp cloths, bibs and outfits. I also bring her medicines with me. Anything to keep her tummy happy!

  11. Denita says

    My unique essential is my crossbody thirty one wallet. It makes it so easy to run into a store by myself if I’m out with my hubby and baby! I am in love with my Shaylee in Brandy, but I’m really wanting a Rosie for Christmas. Babckpack diaper bags are a must most def!

  12. Roxanne says

    For me a unique essential is a light jacket because while it is hot outside most of the time when we go into stores or restaurants the kids get cold. I am expecting my third and would love a Lily and Jade Diaper bag. I like the Meggan a lot.

  13. Jenny says

    Would love to own a Meggan or Shaylee! But all of the Lily Jade bags are unbelievably gorgeous!!

  14. Rachelle says

    Yes on the footed pajamas…especially the ones with zippers instead of snaps!
    I totally love and absolutely need the Lily Jade Meggan in gray and silver to be organized, prepared, look and FEEL fantastic with my newborn twins!

  15. Karen says

    Onesies are essential in my diaper bag. Always good to have one under any clothes whether an outfit or pjs. I would like any Lily jade bag that isn’t the Madeline. Can’t get past the flap.

  16. Rachelle says

    My unqiue essential to pack is my mini first aid kit with essential oil! I learned when my twins turned 2 that they would get hurt on occasion and I was like have no bandage, 😲😄 so It a must just for those little cuts and scrapes! I absolutely love the Shaylee in Gray!! So beautiful!

  17. Janie says

    I’m a mom of 5 (4 girls and finally 1 boy, it was a surprise!) I have locked myself out of my house a handful of times, due to me being extra forgetful. So I made an extra set of keys that I always leave on the bottom of my baby bag since I, knocks on wood, have never forgotten that. It’s a diaper dude camo print lined with bright orange. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely LOVE it!! I have been eyeing out a Lily Jade and another brand but simply can’t afford. I can’t decide which style I love the most. On first glance, Elizabeth caught my eye with those buckled pockets though!! Oh! I also always keep a Sharpie in my babybag! It comes in handy when I need to label each of my kid’s drinks, snacks, or whatever else they may get mixed up.

  18. Robin Backes says

    My unique essential would probably be the wet bag I store underneath the insert, (with a change of clothing inside) which I like inside out. I’ve used it that way for over a year and it works great!!! I also carry “dog spray” aka pepper spray Lol! Mostly for when hiking with the wildlife around here, but you never know.
    I have been eyeing the Rosie for a while now, but since the Danielle was shown, that may be what I would opt for if I got a chance!!! Must see more of her though <3

  19. Kylie says

    My unique essential is a toddler meltdown bag! I use a fun pouch and fill it with little trains and cars and blocks to use as distraction if we’re out at a restaurant. I always keep little garbage bags too, to clean up the table of all the wipes and food pouches we’ve used at the restaurant!

    I find that servers are much more apt to help if they see help from your end, and they’ve even offered to clean up the mess under the table for me. It’s the little things! I love that gray Shaylee – dream bag for sure for this mom of two!

  20. Norma says

    In the Summer months a Onesie will do. For Winter a one-piece snapping coverall. Right now the Lily Jade Shaylee is looking like my favorite. They are all so beautiful and big!

  21. Alexandra Pires says

    Not sure what my essential item would be since I’m a first time mama to be! Any Lily and Jade bag looks like they will be a perfect fit for my day to day life as a new mom but I must say the Shaylee is my favorite overall!!!

  22. Meg says

    Ive never had one but i love the elizabeth bag…all of them are gorgeous tho!

  23. Erica says

    My favorite is either the Madeline or the Rosie – love the versatility and how cute they are!

  24. Viviana says

    I am pregnant with my first and I’m pretty clueless so I’ll say so far my essential as a mama to be is water and sleep! Dehydration is even worse when you are pregnant, and naps are a life saver so far. I would love to win this bag as my first baby related item. The Meggan black and gold is my favorite!

  25. Raquel says

    I also pack footed outfits. It’s just easier since I have a 3 month old I get surprises while we are out. I also carry scented disposable bags for his dirty diapers and dirty clothes. Love the Shaylee Galena & Gold !

  26. Taylor says

    Elizabeth or Madeline
    I can’t leave without band aids and essential oils!