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Seeing that I have a postpartum body to dress this Fall I’m finding that accessories are my best friend. Boots, scarves, headbands, jewelery – they are making my world go round as I mix and match my few postpartum basics. To spice things up over the next few weeks I’ll be featuring some awesome scarves that have made their way into my wardrobe. Welcome to The Fabulous Fall Scarf Tour!

First up is Melissa and her amazing shop, Grace and Lace. I’m in love with not only her scarves, but her boot socks too! Her shop’s story is pretty wonderful too. Here’s a little background straight from Melissa …

I’ve always been a DIY kinda girl. I grew up with a mom that always made homemade play-dough, birthday cakes and sewed our dance costumes. So I learned to “sew a straight line” very early in age.

It wasn’t until spring of 2010 – when I was 5 months pregnant. I was at a routine checkup and I was told that I was in very premature labor and would deliver a baby in 24hrs that wouldn’t survive. I was rushed into emergency surgery, and then there I was – laying horizontal in the hospital for the rest of my pregnancy. The days were L O N G – and since I couldn’t even sit up, I just had to do something with my hands! So I started with a vision to crochet this tiny baby girl a blanket. And thus started and spurred my desire to sew sew sew.

I lived in the hospital for 2 weeks, before doctors could no longer stop the labor. Our very tiny but oh so perfect baby girl was born, and the Lord took her straight to Heaven.

{{It is out of this great tragedy – that has come my greatest victory}}

Last fall, I was a brand new mom to a miracle baby girl, when I made my first pair of Boot Socks. After wearing them and getting a million compliments, I posted them on my former baby clothing Etsy site. In a matter of mere days I had orders in quantities that I could not possibly fill on my own. Now, I have a small crew of friends and family, but we still work out of our homes sewing and shipping our lacy goodness to you! In Jan 2012, the name of my company changed from Sienna’s Closet (named after my daughter and the little baby clothing I was making) to Grace & Lace. The rest has been a business-in-the-making story that is still very much in process.

I love the shape of this scarf, it’s unlike any other I have, and the material has a light shimmer which is absolutely beautiful in the early Fall weather. Plus, G&L’s signature lace adds a feminine touch that makes me feel oh so pretty! Plus, it’s on sale – only $15!

Like Grace & Lace on Facebook and enjoy the coupon code SHIP2ME for free shipping!
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  1. says

    You look great! Especially for just having a baby

  2. Bianca says

    uhm excuse me- what post partum body?? You look amazing!!

  3. says

    I love the story of how her shop came about… And you look amazing!!

  4. ThatMamaGretchen says

    It's there! I promise :)

  5. ThatMamaGretchen says

    Thanks :)