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I’ve gone back and forth, near a hundred times, on whether or not to write up a list of resolutions for 2013. My 2012 list faired well, despite all of the surprises – a new baby and moving being the big ones. Reviewing my goals on occasion kept me focused and gave me motivation to keep it up. When all was said and done, I only missed one and a half goals (the one was starting a yoga routine and the half was my reading goal) … not too shabby! That’s what makes me want to stick with it. 
On the other hand, with the pending move into our new home I know much of my time will be focused on house projects and keeping tabs on my wee ones. Those two things seem like plenty to keep me busy. So, you see, my conundrum … to resolve or not to resolve.
In the end, I do think I’ll finalize a list for 2013, but I’ll be making sure to add a hefty dose of grace into the margins. Sound like a plan? Ok! Over the last few weeks I’ve been brainstorming some potential goals, now I just need to flesh them out with some specifics and get to them!
One resolution I plan to enact is a new habit that will benefit the whole family … a makeover for our {currently dreaded} morning routine. As it stands, Dominic wakes up with Jemma, changes her diaper, and gets her a pre-breakfast sippy. Before he leaves for work I mosey out with Max, change his diaper, and serve up his breakfast of mama milk :) We eventually trek downstairs and I toss breakfast together, sometimes before I shower, sometimes after. Are you seeing the problem here? There is no real routine. It’s all happenstance and it doesn’t leave any of us starting the day well.
My goal is to give our mornings a makeover. The hope is that we start waking up all together, get somewhat ready (I’m still going to be flexible on when I shower, because let’s be honest, sometimes the “when” is actually an “if”) and arrive in the kitchen together for a family breakfast. Like, a real meal … something warm on a plate with a drink. Yes, this is a lofty goal and I’m aiming for it to happen more often than not rather than every single morning.
To prepare for my new effort I’ll be stocking up with some breakfast essentials through Kroger’s Buy 5 Save $5 sale. Here’s a peek at my shopping list:
  • Tropicana – I think I’ve mentioned before our gross my iron supplement is, the only way I choke it down is mixed with Tropicana
  • Kashi GoLean Cereal – Delicious with almond milk or sprinkled on top of yogurt
  • Morningstar Farms – I adore Morningstar Farms Original Sausage Patties in a homemade breakfast sandwich with cheese and egg, and English muffin
  • Kellogg’s Fiber Plus Bars – For those mornings we have to run out the door, Kellogg’s bars gets something in our tummies fast
  • Bounty Paper Towels – And last, but not least, my sweet girl has become a bit obsessed with a “tow” to wipe her hands and mouth during and after meals – it’s adorable!
Won’t that bundle make my mornings much better? I sure think so! Plus, I played the Pop to Save game and earned a $1 savings off my shopping trip! (You can save up to $15 so Pop to Save ASAP).
Hopefully I’ll wrap up my other goals in the next few days and share those too! In the meantime …
What’s on your list of New Year’s Resolutions?

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I was selected for participation in this campaign as a member of Clever Girls Collective.
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    That is such a great goal and one I am looking forward to start working on as well when I stop working.