Jemma Says

I’ve been dreaming of the day when I could start logging away little things Jemma says like Deanna does with her boys. Jemma was a later talker than most, but at three, the funnies are flyin’!

On the first day of preschool after telling me all about her new little girl friend, including her name …

Mama: Did you make any boy friends?
Jemma: Yes! Three boys!
Mama: What’s their name?
Jemma: THE BOYS!
Jemma shared this over breakfast, I’m assuming she was telling me about a dream, but doesn’t yet know what a “dream” is …
I was stuck in the garage and I pushed and pushed the door and I was so stuck and scared. 

While staring down Max …
Swiper! No swiping!!!

That’s not scary! That’s laugh-y!

Singing …
Old MacDonald had a farm, EIEIO, and on dat farm he had a mama, EIEIO, with a talkin’ here and talkin’ there …

It’s not a patch! It’s a punkin farm!

Tissue, please! My nose is kinda scruffy!

We all had a super awesome nap time, Jemma in her bed and Max and I in the big bed. Jemma woke up and came to find Max and I. We were awake, but Max was nursing so Jemma quietly crawled into bed and snuggled up to Max. She started rubbing his hair and whispering …
He’s a very special brother. I’ll give him a sweet kiss. Nice boy, Max. I wuv you, Max.

So many birthdays have been going on lately so we talk about them all. the. time.
And Daddys’ birthday – chocolate cake, a heart with spackles (sparkles/sprinkles) and bananas and and and SYRUP! Happy birthday dear Daddy …. shhhhh, it’s a surprise!  

When she gets tucked in for naps or bed …
Cozy, cozy …

We picked up Jemma from preschool and were all settled in the car for the drive home and from the backseat I hear …
Jem: How was your nap, Max?
Max: ::grunt::
Jem: Oh, good! I’m glad you had a good sleep! 

Jemma: Oh, mama has an owie on her nose.
Me: Yeah, it’s just a little zit.
Jemma: What’s a zit mean?
Me: Um … you were right, it’s just like a little owie.
Jemma: Ok, zit means owie.

And best of all, while scrolling through photo archives … 

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  1. says

    Hahaha, this makes me smile! What a sweet girl. I especially love her rendition of Old McDonald!

  2. says

    it's so great to keep track of this stuff. one day it's going to be great to look back on. and i definitely agree she was telling you about a dream. it sounds just like owsley at breakfast.