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Before I share some of my favorite posts from this month, I don’t want you to forget about this rad giveaway! There are some decent ideas in that post too, so feel free to pin it for later if you want! 

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15 Reasons I’m Ready For Fall

FALL IS HERE! I’m so freakin’ happy! Don’t miss my top 15 Fall fabulous reasons and chime in with your own. Let’s give Fall the high five she deserves :)

I’m Eating My Placenta … Again

I’ve done it once, and I’m planning to do it again. Maybe even a little more extreme with a tincture and a smoothie. If you think I’m crazy (or even if you don’t), this post promises a realistic explanation of why I’m all about my placenta and its nutritional benefits.

Why Having Three Kids Is Going To Be Awesome

I totally have a handle on two kids. Like, I’m a really good mom of two kids. So, thinking about adding a third to the mix has me a wee bit frightened. If I stress too much about it though, I can throw myself into tizzy and that’s why I crafted this post … to focus on all the positives.

I Don’t Like Kale and Other Things Hippie Moms Aren’t Supposed To Say

After the placenta confession on this month I probably fell into the super hippie category for many. But, I promise, there are oodles of non-hippie things about me!

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