Max | 7 Months

Oh, my dear boy …
Seven months already, really? Well, 7 1/2 if we’re getting technical. Mama is behind on documenting things! We spent much of your 6-7 month being sick. It was awful, breaks my heart to see you sniffling and hear your little coughs. Good news is, we are well now and have been for a few weeks! You weathered better than your sis (who had an ear infection and nasty rash reaction to her medicine!) and managed to cut two bottom teeth and one top one in the midst of it all! What a trooper!!! To this day when the teething tablets come out you get all happy and open your mouth super wide … I suppose teething tablets are the equivalent of baby candy :)
You have started nibbling on food and so far everything has been a win. Chicken, ground beef, eggs, avocado, rice puffs, kiwi, green beans, carrots, squash, sweet potatoes, parsnips and apples. You’re eating right alongside us, baby-led weaning style, and loving every minute of it. Jemma loves to feed you too and you open your mouth wide when you see her coming at you with a morsel!
Although you don’t truly crawl, you are most definitely a mobile baby. Mister Army Crawl! You pull, drag and scoot yourself everywhere – down the hall, into the kitchen, under the table and all over the bed (thankfully not off of it, Mama has been careful!). As good as you get around, you still like being on my hip best. Well, anywhere that gets you super close to me. Mama’s boy to the max, my Max. And even though I need a year’s worth of massages I wouldn’t change your need for me for one bit. That’s why I’m here! To love, cherish and hold you close. We’ve mastered the back carry in the Boba and that has become an efficient way for us to be together and move about throughout the day. At 22 pounds, you’re quite the work out!
This month you and Jem started taking baths together. This probably rates as one of your most favorite activities. You splash big and make Jemma laugh. Jemma laughing makes you chuckle and on and on it goes … a sibling giggle fest! I love hearing you two together, you’re becoming the best of friends and your sister loves you to pieces. She is even quick to forgive you when you tug out chunks of her hair!
You don’t sleep through the night, I mean, why would a snuggle man like you consider doing such a thing? You nurse to sleep around 7pm and have a good long stretch until 11pm or sometimes even 1am. You’re usually up sometime between 3-5am to snack again and then up for the day around 6:30am. Too early for Mama’s liking! One of these days you and Jemma will love sleep as much as I do, I’m just sure of it. Then, we’ll all sleep in until 9am and I’ll make you your favorite breakfast! Deal? Well, at least think on it :) During the day you get super distracted if we nurse anywhere but our room and you always nurse best laying down. In the mornings you take one nap, anywhere from 30-90 minutes, and again in the afternoon when Jemma naps. I finally have you two in somewhat of a sync. I lay with you for naps, as is your preference, and usually nod off in the afternoons too. It’s such a sweet time to watch you sleep and snuggle you close. Mama loves you so much, don’t ever forget!
With your growing personality you’ve gained a bounty of nicknames. Thus far, Bubs, Bubba, Bubba Doo (that’s your hick one!), Mister Max, Max Man, Max-a-roo, Brother, Baby Max (Jemma’s favorite) and best of all Mister Bigsby!

I love you sweet boy and can’t imagine my life without you! You are such a joy to mother and I praise the Lord every day that He blessed me with you.



P.S. Aunt Hannah took your 7 month pictures while I was unpacking at our new house. This little corner of the living room will be your new picture spot :) Also, your eyes! They are such a gorgeous deep, dark blue … almost navy blue. I adore them!

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  1. Bri says

    Happy 7 months! Where is the time going?!? I can't believe our babies are growing so fast! :(

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  4. says

    seriously…how does the time just fly by? He just gets cuter and cuter!!

  5. ThatMamaGretchen says

    Thanks so much :) I'm popping over to read yours now!