Interview | Jemma, 2 3/4 years old

The other day during one of our “please chill out and get a grip” just for fun baths, I decided to interview Jemma. She’s been talking up a storm lately and saying some of the darndest things. Some of our current favorites are how she says “soooo crunchy!” when describing food – namely cookies and crackers. Might I add that my cookies are not crunchy at all. She says it while gritting her teeth and fists and squinting her eyes and it’s super hilarious. It’s on our list of “things to catch on video”. I’m pretty sure she learned the word “crunchy” from this book. She also says “deeewishus” pretty often and calls strawberries “strawstrums”. I love how her vocabulary is booming all while she’s dreaming up her own words and interpretations for things. Now, the interview of a not quite 3 year old …

How old are you?
Two. Two and a half.
What is your favorite animal:
Elephants! Mama rhino! To the zoo? Daddy and Gwampa and Gwamma?
What do you like to do outside?
Outside crayons and yellow slide. YELLOW SLIDE!!!
>>>Mama Memo: Outside crayons are chalk. You know, to denote that we only color with those outside.

What is your brother’s name?
>>> Mama Memo: She also calls him “Bubbie” all the time. Every morning she yells, “Good Morning, Bubbie!” and then they wrestle and laugh … until someone starts crying for one reason or another.
What is your favorite color?
Black, blue, purple.
>>>Mama Memo: This is the first time I’ve ever heard her say she liked black.
What is your favorite story book?
Where do we drive in the blue car?
Food store. nom nom nom. And red store.
>>> Mama Memo: Red store is Target. Guess we go there as often as we go grocery shopping :)
What is your favorite show to watch?
A show!!! Dorie and Arfee. One show? And then turn off?
>>> Mama Memo: That’s Dora and Arthur. She is also really in love with Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood, but apparently he wasn’t on her mind at this exact moment.

What is your favorite food to eat?
Purple grapes, bananas, oranges, toast is bread, carrots!
>>> Mama Memo: Girlfriend hasn’t eaten a carrot in forever. Max on the other hand eats them often and truly does love them.
What do you like to do at Mimi and Pops house?
Riley and Posie! Oh no, Jack ::shakes head::
That’s right, Jack is in heaven.
>>> Mama Memo: Riley is my sister’s dog who lives with my parents. Posie is my cat who I developed an allergy to and my parent’s adopted. Jack was my other sister’s hamster who recently died. My poor parents had all their children move out and leave pets behind, you know, like they begged for pets all those years ago! The furry friends does make their home a favorite place for Jemma though, so I guess they serve their purpose :)

I think I’ll really enjoy looking back at interviews over the years so don’t be surprised if you see more thoughts from Jem in the months to come!

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  1. Bianca says

    Yes! I love these! Have you checked out "Conversations with my 2 year old" yet?? Hilarious!

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