Homemade Christmas: R2D2 Inspired Softie

I stink at surprises – that’s why I’m sharing Christmas presents before Christmas. Oops :)

This awesome little monster softie was inspired by R2D2. Isn’t he rad!?!? I’m not a Star Wars junkie by any means – I think I’ve seen all the movies. One was even in the theater. There are 4, right? Totally not a Star Wars expert.

Anyways, I found the onesie first for my littlest nephew and I knew I wanted to make something to keep the theme going. I obviously needed an easy shape.
First idea was Jaba the Hut, but he’s such a gross slug thing and I wanted something cuter.
Chewbaca might have been possible, but I’m a beginning craft sewer and Chewbaca has eyes and limbs.
R2D2 seemed like a better fit.

So, here he is – R2D2 in all his glory. Not accurate, but cute enough and ready for lots of lovin’!

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  1. Molly Hildebrandt says

    That is so cute and I'm not even a SW person!!! (Found you through Twitter- Growing Up Geeky :) )

  2. ThatMamaGretchen says

    Thanks! I'm not either — at least I know now that if I ever have a boy or a SW loving girl I'll be able to make them happy with my crafting skills :) -Gretchen________________________________