DIY Terrarium

As promised, here is my little terrarium DIY …

First things first, choose a glass home to begin building your terrarium in. My favorite place to find terrarium treasures is at thrift stores. Salvation Army has been a goldmine lately. I found 40 unique vases, fish bowls, and containers for Katie’s classroom project over the course of 3 visits. Definitely catch the thrift stores on discount days for maximum savings – Salvation Army clears out inventory at the end of each month through a 50% off day. Totally my style … 1/2 off equals double happiness.

Here’s the adorable cup we’ll be transforming into a terrarium:

Next up … follow steps 1-4:

  1. Rock Layer: Any ol’ gravel or collection or rocks you have. This allows for proper drainage once you add plants so don’t forget it!
  2. Add Moss: This super cheap bag of Sphagnum Peat Moss (found ours at Wal-Mart) as the bags says, “retains moisture and nutrients. Also an importante step.
  3. Add Dirt: Again, any ol’ dirt will do. Just make sure it is dry. You can also use sand in place of dirt. Even colored sand which looks super pretty as the layers build.
  4. Soil & Decor: Top off with some dry, quality soil and then get busy making your terrarium your own with succulents, rocks, and anything else that makes you happy! Speaking of something happy, why not add a little dinosaur to your terrarium ?

Last, but not least, wet a paper towel and gently squeeze/dribble water over your plants. Do this every few weeks to keep your succulents moist.

And then, you’re done! 
The wee little terrarium is prepped and ready to adorn your table, bookshelf, vanity, or dresser. Pretty much, terrariums belong EVERYWHERE!

You can see some beautiful terrarium inspiration here since I might have started a Pinterest board dedicated to terrarium wonderfulness.

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  1. bonnbonnboutiuqe says

    so cool! I must try this! I notice you have an Etsy Shop. I'm hosting a weekly "Shop Hop" today. I hope you will consider linking up:)

  2. says

    Super sweet — and it doesn't look too hard, which is right up my alley :) I love the little terrarium necklaces you can find on Etsy.

  3. says

    i've been looking at these on etsy….way cheaper and super easy to do at home! thanks for the tutorial!

  4. ThatMamaGretchen says

    Yep – way cheaper on your own :) Etsy is the best inspiration though! So many of them are to-die-for beautiful!

  5. ThatMamaGretchen says

    I ordered one of those terrarium necklaces for my sister for Christmas — it's still alive and lovely!

  6. ThatMamaGretchen says

    Heading over to link up now :)

  7. Anonymous says

    I treasure the details on your internet site. thnx.