From the Archives, a letter to my baby about her Daddy

I found this letter from May 2010. It has been saved in my drafts all this time and it finally felt like the right time to share. When I wrote this I was halfway through my pregnancy, Dominic was unemployed, and we were packing to move into a new house. So much transition and emotion for an expecting mama! These words are more true than ever. Jemma and I are the luckiest girls to have Dominic as our husband and Daddy.

Dearest Baby …

Your Dad is in an interview right now. I’m a nervous wreck … because I do that, I worry. I worry about you everyday, and now I’m worrying about your Dad. In these worrying times I usually choose to do one things. I choose to give all my worry to the Lord, because He’s truly the only one who has control over the situation. I’m sure you will hear me say this many times in your life. I say it because it is true and sometimes it helps to think it, write it, and say it. Just to have the full reminder of what’s what.

Since I’m worrying like crazy I decided to channel my energy into telling you about how awesome your Dad is. Because it’s true, he’s a pretty awesome guy …

Your Dad is the best EVER! God put him in our family, because he knew he was exactly the husband and dad we needed. He gives the best bear hugs … hugs when you are happy, when you are sad, and hugs just because. I know you are going to love these hugs just as much as I do. Plus, he always knows the right things to say when he is hugging you. Sometimes it is nothing, sometimes it is “I love you” and sometimes it is many words. His hugs and words make the world feel ok.

He never forgets the important things. He’ll forget to take out the trash or schedule his dentist appointment, but he’ll never forget the day we found out you will be joining our family, or Mother’s Day, or your birthday. When he knows something is important he remembers. So, if he forgets to do something little you’ll have to let it go, because he remembers the things that really matter and that is what makes him great.

Your Dad is the foundation of our family. He was the one who knew it was right for me and him to get married. He is the one who has made sure our finances are organized so I can choose to stay home with you. We didn’t know when you were coming, but he knew we needed to be prepared. He knows how to take care of our family. He is the one who said he will become a pizza delivery man if that’s what it takes to get you all the things you need.

He trusts Jesus the best and He knows not to worry about the little things like I do. He knows that as long as we are all together everything will be perfect. He might not have a job yet and we might not know where we are going to live, but he has it all in control, because he has chosen to put his faith in the Lord. We can’t ask for a better Dad … a Dad who knows and follows Jesus is priceless. You’ll probably have a hard time believing this because it will seem so normal to you, but I know many other dads and have heard many stories. There are many dads who don’t understand that you can only be a great husband, father, employee, etc. when you are following the Lord. God is the one who sets our path straight, and without that knowledge life can be very bumpy and unhappy. We will never know this, because your Dad is leading our family in the way of the Lord. Because of this, we will be blessed beyond measure. Our home will be happy and filled with love; you will grow up in the joy of the Lord, because your Dad has created a home built on such.

These are only some of the reasons why your Dad is perfect for us … I could go on for days with stories and conversations of the last 3 1/2 years, but you’ll see soon enough. When your Dad catches you on your birthday you’ll see what I see and know you are very blessed to have him as your Dad.

And yes, your mama is now crying buckets at her desk at work.

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  1. J Bossio says

    Oh. My. Heavens! Tears all around… That Dad Dominic is one fortunate guy to be so appreciated.