Blog Makeover – COMPLETE!

Have you noticed all the changes going on around here?

I’ve been thinking alot about the direction of this little internet space, especially since my day to day is changing in JUST 2 WEEKS. Do I want to spend more time here? The same? Do I want to keep the same types of posts or do something different? What is the purpose and do I really want to be a part of the mommy blog world?

I don’t know all the answers yet. What I do know is I plan to stick around on some level. And, obviously, if I’m sticking around it was time for fancy schmancy changes. Because what’s a new season of life without a a little makeover?

A special thanks to Grace from Gracely Designs and her Bargain Blogger Package! If you’re in the market for some updates, seriously, check her out!

Gracely Designs

Another thank you to Moxie Tonic for the lovely social media buttons over on the right. Now we can connect through all our favorite places – Google Friend Connect, Facebook, Twitter, and my love, of all loves – Pinterest!

Some other updates to check out …
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That Mama Gretchen button – it’s on the right sidebar, feel free to grab it!
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