Pacific NW Blogger Meet Up — It’s Today!

Today I’m off to the Pacific NW Blogger Meet Up! 
I’m so excited to meet other bloggers (and a wee bit nervous too).
I can’t wait to share pictures and details about the event – I know it is going to be super fabulous!
Plus, I hear there is already talk of another one in the Fall, so if you’re in the good ol’ PNW stay tuned for more info.
My guess is that The Paper Mama will be one of the first to share details.

My current conundrum is trying to remember my awesome networking cards from Mostaza Seed Graphics while simultaneously deciding if it is wise for me to wear my super cute wedges while 8 months pregnant. Oh, and I also need to prepare a little schedule for Jemma’s Pops (grandpa) who will be hanging out with her that evening! Wish us all luck!
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  1. says

    The PNW meetup looks sooo beyond awesomely amazing :) I can't wait to see pics. And I am SOO jealous of all the giveaways you ladies are getting. I think wedges + 8 mos prego = adorable :)

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