The Name Doula

I’ve had a little pet project brewing – it’s called The Name Doula.

Over on Instagram I’m cataloging all the names I love and helping parents find their perfect name too! Pop over and follow along and if you need name guidance you can submit a name consultation request!

Curious how The Name Doula came to be?

Well, for as long as I can remember names have been important to me. I’ve gathered and collected and dreamed and made list after list. Need a name for your kid? Your dog? Your classroom cockroaches? Your new car? I’m your girl!

The catalyst to my love of names probably came from this book by Dorothea Austin (a fabulous name indeed!). My mom gave it to me after a misunderstanding about my name’s meaning when I was 6 or so and I’m sure I’ve browsed it hundreds of times since. Her parents (the grandma I’m named after) gifted it to her when she was newly pregnant with me making it extra special.

That’s the beginning. Part of why I love and adore names so much. Exactly why I can’t wait to be your name doula.

I mean, if I’m not naming any more children I might as well help you name yours, right?

The Name Doula has almost 100 posts already so there is plenty to browse. Here are a few of my favorites thus far though …

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