Day #15 – Poundage

Some of my coworkers are betting that I won’t come back to work on Monday. With 16 days still to go … I’m pretty sure I will, but tonight is a full moon. So who really knows!?!?!
During my junior year of high school I went on a trip with church to Brazil. I specifically remember weighing 122 pounds when I left the States. Two weeks later, I came back from my adventure with lots of pictures, a heavy suitcase and about 8 extra pounds. Brazil helped me ease into the lovely 130’s. At least I have GREAT food memories :)
Fast forward to college and a waivered around in the 130-140 range. I worked a ton, studied alot and somehow survived on cafeteria food. College was also my only time in life where I had some type of a work out routine. My last year of college I met my darling husband and was probably 140-145. I know I had size 6 pants. Something about being a size 6 is so freakin’ wonderful. Aw, distant memories :)
A few months of hardcore dating, lots of meals out and my wooing him with my hearty homemade food locked me in at that 145 number. That’s pretty good for a curvy 5’8″ chica. Obviously I was a childlike waif in high school. We settled into the married life and with our growing love (Pause, who am I kidding … we hated each other the first year of marriage. Trust me, it is rough getting used to a new roommate. The kind that never moves out. Yikes. Glad we moved past that in year 2.) and waistbands. I topped out at a {chic} 155 or so. That’s where I was in January when we found out we were expecting. At the moment 155 sounds SO TINY!
Although I didn’t get very sick, my metabolism obviously picked up because I saw 145 again. Then something happened in trimester dos. The scale began to climb. Naturally, since I was growing ANOTHER HUMAN BEING. I remember a blog post about seeing 160. I was terribly traumatized. Who knows why, because today my friends, 180 greeted me on the scale :)
My point to all of this is … life happens. We fall in love. We have work-out routines. We turn into couch potatoes. We eat healthier. We eat crap. We get pregnant. Weight gain/loss is all a part of this and rather than numbers, wellness should be the focus.
Right now, at 180, I have never been healthier. I am so conscience about what I put into my body, because I know that every ounce affects my baby one way or another. Of course, I would prefer to be a svelte 145 (that’s what my post-pregnancy goal will be), but what if I live the rest of my life at 160? Will I be happy? Yes. Will have have an adorable child? Yes. Will I have a husband who loves me to pieces? Of course. Will I adore shopping for chic, new mom clothes? You betcha!
Yeah, so that shopping … I am stoked for some new Fall/Winter clothes!!! Even if they are a size 10, or whatever a 160 pound mama wears. I mean, after a child, who really expects to be a 6 again?
My sweet, chunky baby … Yes, I am assuming that you are getting quite chunky. I mean, you are a small part of this weight gain :) I keep wondering, will you be a September baby like your Great-Papa or your Auntie Katie? Or, will you be an October baby like me and your Great-Grammy? Only 7 more days to make September happen! We just can’t wait. Seriously, I don’t think anyone has been so excited for such a special day … your arrival!!! Love you to pieces and can’t wait to squish your darling cheeks!

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    Thanks so much, Gretchen, for your kind words on my blog. Your encouragement means a lot to me. I've been really surprised and humbled by people's responses in the comments and emails I've received. Thanks, I needed that. I absolutely love writing the Memos, but had been challenged on my reasons and motivations by someone close to me and it really spun me out. I needed to see that it was also contributing to others lives and not just my own. Though I suspected that, and didn't *feel* I was being selfish, I just needed some reassurance from readers if you know what I mean. Thanks for responding. Like I said, your encouragement really means a lot to me. And hey, if you plan on breastfeeding you'd be surprised at how that helps with weight loss. I know every woman is different, but I haven't been able to keep any weight on since breastfeeding. (I have NO butt, it's almost embarrassing.) But yeah, I have the opposite problem – I'm worried that I'm starting to look anorexic. I'm down to 114 and I'm 5'9"… not good! I haven't been that weight since I was probably a sophomore or junior in HS. So, we all have our own "problems" don't we? ;) I'm trying to figure out how to gain weight while continuing to breastfeed. Nuts. I know some would say I'm lucky (and I can understand that), I also have the problem of NONE of my jeans fitting and a terrible lack of energy. Ugh. it's certainly not ideal, and I don't feel all that healthy (despite trying). Anyway, it's so great that you are the "healthiest ever" and that your weight doesn't rule you. That's the way it SHOULD be! And really? Only 7 more days to go? Woo-hoooo! Watch this space!!! :D Thanks again for your encouragement. xx take care mama.

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    I just wrote a loooong comment and lost it. Grr, blogger, how I sometimes loathe you…Anyway, thanks for stopping by the Memos and for your kind words. I was so encouraged by you and others, and I really needed it. So thank you Gretchen.I can't believe you only have 7 days to go. Wow! Watch this space!!! woohooooo!

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    I am admiring your sunny attitude. I am not sure I ever sounded so effervescent with sixteen days to go. I truly wish you good luck with the baby. I'll be checking back to check him out!!

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    I adore how real you are…how your attitude is so pure and good!! You are a rock-star!!!!!