Announcing the Gender to our Family: Gender Reveal Packages & Party

Ever since we decided to find out our little one’s gender I was set on planning a gender reveal party. I mean, how fun is it to share the gender surprise with your family in the form of a party? Obviously … SUPER FUN!

On Thursday, March 15th at 3pm we had our ultrasound and got the big news! There was absolutely no guessing, our little man isn’t shy at all :) With our new knowledge in hand, my sister, Hannah, and I began the preparation.

We had two significant details to plan 1) gender reveal packages that were to be mailed to our far away families and 2) the actual party which was planned for Saturday. Our first round of errands revolved around the packages – they had to get into the mail ASAP so aunts and uncles weren’t waiting too long for the surprise. We shopping Target and Dollar Store for all things blue and boy related. Here’s what we came up with …

On top of the blue Easter fluff we added sports stickers, sports Easter eggs, cars, glow in the dark bugs, a lizard, and blue candies — Easter Snickers, Razzles, gum, and Crunch bars. Easter is a great time for colorful options! And yes, I know our boxes were super assumptive that all boys/our boy would love traditional boy things. Trust me, I’m totally open, and encouraging, of him pursuing things other than sports, etc. It was just the easiest way to announce “BOY!” and we didn’t want there to be any guessing when our families opened their surprise.

We also scanned our boy’s sweet profile picture and backed it in blue to lay on the very top of the package.

By Thursday night, packages were addressed and ready for the post office. First thing on Friday, we popped them in the mail and began our party prep! I had planned to focus our food around either blueberries or strawberries depending on the gender … and we were gung-ho on pulling together the details of our BLUEBERRY BRUNCH!

Food consisted of pecan praline french toast and blueberry french toast (from the same recipe, just with blueberries instead of pecans and blueberry syrup), yogurt with blueberries and blueberry granola, hash browns, sausage, coffee, milk, and grape juice (closest to blue we could find)!

We added blue ribbon around a mason jar to prop utensils in and found royal blue napkins and plates at Target. For a little extra blue I found half gallon milk in a blue container and we had French Vanilla coffee creamer since the bottle is blue.

Once everything was ready we covered all blue items with foil or kitchen towels and waited for our guests to arrive! By 10:15 everyone was gathered in the living room and Dominic, along with Big Sister Jemma, made their grand entrance from the garage …

I had grand plans of an outdoor announcement, but the Pacific Northwest had other ideas with threats of a downpour, so we stuck inside and made due.

The votes were about split between blue and pink shirts as you can see. Dominic, Hannah, and I were all in basic black and white so we wouldn’t give off any hints to our guests :)

I’m SO excited to welcome a little man into our family! I had my worries in the beginning, but have been genuinely happy ever since we found out. A little man will be such a blessing to our family and I’ll try to be the best mama to a boy that I can be!
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  1. Briana says

    Aww…your video almost made me cry! Your family was SO excited!!! What a great idea to do a gender party! :) Congrats!!

  2. AnnErica says

    I totally got tears in my eyes watching that video! Can't wait to see the baby boy belly bump!

  3. Rebekah says

    That's too sweet of a the balloon idea! And congratulations mom of both a boy and girl!:D

  4. Silkyspr says

    I'll admit I got teary eyed. What an exciting time in your life and how amazing was it to share the great news with your family in such a "blue" way!

  5. Mrs. Baker says

    congrats! baby boys are great :)