Doctor, where are you?

Here’s a little vent on finding a pediatrician …

Call me picky, but I really want someone we connect with. I want someone who is interested in my ideas about parenting (delayed vaccines, babywearing, co-sleeping, breastfeeding,etc.). I would like someone who helps to educate me rather than strictly sharing their opinion. I NEED someone who is within my insurance.

I found a pediatrician I adore (via their website) who comes highly recommended. Sad part is … his office is about 40 minutes from our house. So, I’m on the hunt for someone a bit closer. I’m not ruling out my top guy, especially since he is within our insurance and has a certification in naturopathic medicine in addition to his pediatric specialty.

After much searching, I found another option who is much closer to home. One of his reviews said he had an awareness of both eastern and western medicine as well as an interest in nutrition. These sound promising.

How did you find your pediatrician?
What questions did you ask when you first met?

We have a meet and greet scheduled with both doctors in the next few weeks so wish us luck!

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    I don't blame you for being picky at all. I haven't even started the search yet!!

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    I haven't met my pediatrician, but she is recommended by 4 of my very close mommy friends. I did ask about delayed vaccination and the pedi is fine with that. One of my friends is actually not getting any vaccines and the doctor hasn't said anything yet. I called and made sure someone from their group was able to see Lilla in the hospital and if they would be able to help with lactation issues if I had any…they were awesome about everything!I hope you find the perfect one! You look great, by the way!! :)

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    when we moved to the town we live in now I posted a request for a recommendation on the bulletin board. we got a fantastic referral within a couple of days – and i've since referred him on to several friends.when guthrie was born we hadn't selected a ped yet and so we had the residents see her. this time around it was our family dr who is our ped – the one recommended on the forum – and it was a world of difference having someone familiar come in to see us at the hospital and make sure laithe was doing well. it was just so nice that he knew our names and our history and all that stuff. so – definitely make sure your ped has privileges at the birth center should you need them to!