Weekend Wrap Up

We’ve been spending our weekends in Olympia for the last while. My parents recently built a house which consisted of some mega painting projects, the actual move, decorating and this weekend’s project … SOD!

And yes, that is me overseeing Dominic’s expert sod-laying skills :)

Between sod-laying and rain showers (thank the Lord for helping that sod stick) we did some recovery from flu/carsickness/food poisoning (still not sure what hit us). Of course I squeezed in a little knit-fest with Miss Leah. In the picture above, I’m wrapping up a present for my dear friend, Mallory, and Leah had a number of projects going on to post on her Etsy site.

Of course, I did quite a bit of packing and am now tuckered out from it. Let’s face it, getting ready for move #4 in less than 3 years could wear anyone out. I’m ready to sleep well, that’s for sure.
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  1. says

    You knit? Wow, I'm kinda jealous. That's pretty cool!