My friend, the scale

I wonder about alot of things that should never cross a person’s mind.

One of these taboo wonderings is … “How much does that person weigh?” It doesn’t matter if it a rail thin person or not … I wonder. I always wish I knew so I could further hone my weight-guessing skills.

I would love to say this wondering started with Biggest Loser. You know, as the scale ticks and I try in vain to guess what the number will be when the beepings stops. But no, I’ve always wondered this. And I’m never close … always a good 50 pounds off (which I think has something to do with BL never telling us how tall someone is).

I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one out there. At least I hope not. So here goes my confession …

Keep in mind that I’m 5’8″.

I’m feeling a bit traumatized about seeing a number on the scale that I have never seen before. There is no guessing with yourself. The scale don’t lie. I can lie about what the scale says, but in the end I see those three digits staring me in the face and think O. M. G.

The number bringing about drama is 160.

Yep, preggers is approaching the 1-6-0.

Blast to the past … The scale started tipping when I quit high school sports. I took a trip to Brazil my junior year and came back 10 pounds heavier. Yep, Brazil has good food. That was 130 pounds. College took me to 140 and marriage to 150. Yikes, that’s rough to replay the uphill climb.

Anyways, pregnancy has got me pushing 160 and I wouldn’t be surprised if 170 was right around the corner. Dear Lord, if I see 180 I might have another blog meltdown.

So, there it is. At least no one has to wonder, “How much does That Mama Gretchen weigh?” I’m baring all :)

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  1. says

    Awwww… weight gain is never fun, always unsettling, even when growing a baby. :( I have gone a similar path, tipping the scales at 165lb when I gave birth. Doesn't sound so bad, right? Except that I'm 5'4" and was the bony kid that didn't weight 100lbs soaking wet through High School! I, too gained about 10lbs in college, and nearly another 30lbs from a manipulative, devestating relationship before meeting & marrying my husband. I was a good 25lbs "uncomfortable" when I got pregnant and, even though I lost all my pregnancy weight in the first 6 weeks, I was back to my 25lbs "uncomfortable" weight. *sigh* I really WANT to get in shape, I'm just lacking some good ole fashion motivation.

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    Visiting from D-listed :)I was 120 when I graduated high school (and 5' 8" 1/2) and now I am… 195.A long term relationship and stopping my high school and college athletics made me go up to 165 by my wedding, 176 when I got pregnant, and breastfeeding is holding some of the last 20 pounds from my pregnancy hostage.Don't fret about the numbers right now, just eat right and realize that no one would probably think you weight that much! best wishes!

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    Have no fear, 160 isn't so bad. I am 5'8" and by the end of pregnancy number one I was a few pounds past 200. Now there's a nasty number. I have always been around 150 in general, so you can do the math. Pregnancy number two only took me up half that, so not too bad. Try not to worry where the scale goes now, you can always work on that later :)

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    Wow you are brave posting the numbers. I got to a point at my appointments I told the nurse not to say the number out loud and I wouldn't look. Lets just say for me when I was pregnant I started getting close to what Mike weighed. I have given up on getting back to the high school number (um that is 50lbs I would have to loose). Breastfeeding helped me get down to my pre-pregnancy weight but now I am sad to say after I stopped breastfeeding I have put on 8lbs. I guess it is true that you burn a lot of calories breastfeeding.

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    I can relate. I think seeing your body change can be both a beautiful and terrifying at the same time. Especially when our whole lives revolves around trying to keep a "certain" # on the scale. Because I am not a mom yet and have not gone through the entire process from pregnancy to post pregnancy, I can only offer a few things that are helping me (and trust me this whole weight gaining thing has been brutal for me) 1) Try and stay on a healthy diet, 2) Don't weigh yourself, 3) try to do some sort of exercise daily.Honestly I think you look fantastic, I really do. Don't worry so much about the #'s now. I know you will have the determination to get your pre-baby body back after your little one arrives. We are totally routing for you. Xo

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    Thanks for all of your encouragement! It really is just a number and between breastfeeding and healthy eating I'm sure my life won't come crashing down if I establish a new weight for this new phase of life :)

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    Sorry I have one more comment that I think you will enjoy, and I always come back to it if I am feeling down:"The greatest lesson in life, and particularly in pregnancy, is to BE NICE TO YOURSELF. It is time to really understand that your body was intended for more than just being a vehicle through which you amuse yourself, promote yourself or abuse yourself. It is designed to gestate a baby. Nature has wisely put you on automatic pilot because she knows that, if left to your own devices, you might mess the whole thing up. All you have to do is behave moderately and surrender; nature will do the rest."

  8. Mom says

    Wow, Gretchen you are a brave girl! But, then again you have usually always spoken what others only think about. I did always try to prepare you and your sisters for future changes in your body…"let's buy it a little big to grow into":) Bodies change…now even I am adjusting to a new shape and number on the scale, and there's no baby in there…just menopause! Another thought to focus on is it's the baby growing and the mama body has to accomodate that….a growing baby is good:)xoxoxo