When I packed up my closet last week I strategically laid out my clothes for this week. I was trying to plan ahead, know full well I wouldn’t have a chance to get everything unpacked before work.

Bad idea. Bad idea on many levels.

One … I apparently do not estimate my new size well.
Two … The weather did not cooperate.

Today I am wearing suit capris (the fancy slack type) in a light cotton blend … with a non-maternity tank top. Unfortunate. I scrounged through one box to find a sweater and scarf to add. Because it is in the 60’s and raining today. So much for summer chic maternity wear. My pants are cutting off my tummy circulation and were officially unbuttoned around lunch time. (I totally thought they were low-rise enough to work and I swear they fit 2 weeks ago when I tried them on). My tank is creeping up my middle, luckily I layered and have a longer cami underneath. But seriously, I’m popping at the middle. Not good to have people staring at your middle when you have unbuttoned pants and a too short shirt.

Did I mention, my belly button has popped out?

Tomorrow I hope to have better luck with a full coverage dress. Perhaps the sun will peek out too so my stark white legs can get a little summer lovin’.

On a funny note … one of my students quizzed me on what types of foods I have been enjoying. She said she would assess and in a few weeks would be able to tell me if I was having a boy or girl. Do you know anything about food likes being linked to gender? What other gender phenomenons have you heard of?

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  1. says

    I have heard that…what are you craving??? And what has the baby's heart rate been the last few appointments? Just fun to do these little quizzes :)

  2. says

    I crave fruits and lemonade, anything crisp with a distinct flavor. Heart rate has been between 140-155.