Mama Wisdom

I’m thinking this might need to become a weekly post … I’m very interested in what all the expert mamas have to say about their mama experience, etc. So here is week one’s question:

What special tradition/memory did you do/create while pregnant? Or, if you didn’t, what do you wish you would have done?

If you’re a mama a response is required :) If you’re not a mama, you can leave a prayer of good luck, something you’ve heard from a wise mama or some other special comment :)

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  1. says

    Well, I'm not a mama yet, but we've started one tradition. Every night my husband reads a story to my belly. He's done this since the beginning, even before she could hear anything from the outside world. It's something we plan to continue after she born, every night without exception.

  2. Mom says

    Pray for your baby everyday….I STILL do! Love you to bits Gretchen:)