The beginning …

This story begins on Saturday, January 30th (the same day Miss America 2010 aired if you were curious). Unfortunately the rest of the story is panning out to be very un-Miss America … it lacks glamour. The good news is, this story is bursting with fun surprises and the best prize of all. That’s right … BABY BOSSIO IS ON THE WAY!

Rewind to the previous Thursday (January 28th) … Dominic arrives home from work and boldly announces “BABY DADDY IS HOME!” This resulted is a panic-sticken look from me. Why you ask? I’ll tell you why … 1) Dominic has never once in our entire relationship referred to himself as Baby Daddy 2) I had that soon-to-be motherly intution that a bun was in the oven. Being the calm, cool, collected person I am, I had planned to keep my secret to myself. No reason to worry both of us, right? Instead I blasted him with every thought I had thunk for the last week and then convinced him to wait it out with me. You know, to save the $10 that a legit pregnancy test would cost us. Brilliant, I know :)

The next evening we went out to dinner with our friends Nate and Lacey. I indulged in tomato cream macaroni and cheese at the Montage and sweetly declined a beer at our next stop while we laughed over rounds of ping-pong and darts. Unbeknownst to me, Dominic spilled the beans to Nate and being the wise guy he is, Nate told Dominic to buy a test and find out, no sense in playing the waiting game. Funny how early pregnancy hormones can mask your rationale … seriously, what was I waiting for anyway?

Back to Miss America Day … Dominic and I went grocery shopping together (this took alot of begging on my part because Dominic has a mission at the grocery store: complete the list; I have a different mission: browse). Our list had the basics … milk, cheese, veggies, cereal, etc. It also included the not so basic … PT. That’s right, we couldn’t even write it out we had to give the pregnancy test initials. So, there we were on “the aisle”. The one that has 28 different types of tests all boasting their awesomeness and accuracy. I reached for the Safeway brand, Dominic was curious if a generic would work. “Of course,” I told him, “We eat Safeway generic food, so why wouldn’t a generic test work?” I silently wished I had a coupon, but let’s face it … I only clip coupons for things I plan to buy. When the calendar flipped to 2010 I had no plans of preparing for pregnancy test purchases. Funny how my plans don’t always match up with God’s plan :)

We went home and I insisted that we unpack groceries before taking the test. What’s another 10 minutes, right? Here is my PT disclaimer … this was the first test I had ever purchased in my entire life. I did not understand how they worked, and therefore, Dominic wanted to read every line of the instructions before beginning. I wanted to rip open the package and start peeing. Good thing Dominic held me back … It would have been a shame to do it wrong and get a crazy result :)

As I am sure you have guessed the test came out positive. It says it takes 2 minutes before the blue lines appear … 30 seconds after we set it on the counter there were bright blue (like Jayhawk blue) lines staring back at us. I laughed while Dominic laid down on the bathroom floor. I then informed Dominic that generic obviously wasn’t the route to go with pregnancy tests. I thought we should get something we had seen a commerical for like EPT or Clear Blue. Dominic wanted something that said “Yes” or “No” instead of the foreign language of blue lines. So, off to Target we went!

We left Target with a new test and a package of paper bowls. Yes, I felt awkward buying just a pregnancy test. Dominic acted much more mature than me as he reminded me that we were married and in our twenties, not high school lovers ready to embark on a new season of “16 and Pregnant”. Of course, those tests announced “Yes” as well. It was really truly true … we were having a baby!

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    Hi Gretchen. We have a ton in common, like: accidental pregnancy (yes, we were married, but it was still an accident); we're both Christian; and we both plan to go the natural birth-cloth diaper-breastfeeding route. And lest I forget, the Evergreen State! Jason and I met at Washington State University, and we plan to move to the Seattle area in the coming months after he's done at the University of Michigan. Good luck in the coming months. I'll definitely be back to visit!P.S. Like you, I totally felt nervous buying a PT.