5 Things We Love About the DockATot

I’ll confess, I was skeptical of the DockATot in the beginning. But now? I’m a believer. A big, giant, shout it from the rooftops believer.

Ya’ll, the DockATot is one of those baby items that just makes life easier for parents. Described as a multi-functional lounger, co-sleeper and playtime lounger, the DockATot acts as a safe place to place your baby for sleep or play. But truly, it’s so much more than that. 


Here’s why we love the DockATot

It’s Safe — The DockATot has been through extensive testing in Europe, the USA, and Canada. It’s hypo allergenic, Oeko-Tex certified, free of harmful substances, and non-heat harboring. Most of all, and this is totally my opinion, but I really feel like the team at DockATot has gone the extra mile to ensure safety as they consistently share how to use the Dock and why it’s important. 

It’s Pretty — With modern and fun designs, the DockATot is just pretty! I love having it as a part of Eli’s baby space. I mean, just look at all the cover choices! Hard to pick, right?

It’s Portable — This might just be the most noteworthy thing about the DockATot. It’s lightweight and easy to move around the house and take on trips. We’ve used our Grand on vacations as a safe sleep space for Reid and when we visit family later this year, you bet Eli’s Deluxe will be coming along. So much easier than hauling a pack ‘n play or other large sleep space.

It’s Versatile — I’ll let this graphic speak for itself :)


It Works — I’ve had a few friends recently ask if the DockATot is really, truly wonderful. And you know what? I think it is! The DockATot is a cozy space that little ones grow to love. It creates a soft, safe place for play, sleep, and more. So, rather than buy a portable crib, play mat, spare changing table, and cosleeper … just get a DockATot. In Eli’s first weeks I’ve seen him become more and more comfortable in his Dock and often it soothes him in a jif. He loves the dynamic Mod Pod pattern and his little eyes are beginning to focus on the fun toy bar. Just like a favorite blanket, he’s falling in love with the familiarity of the Dock and when baby loves something, mama loves it too!  





He’s pretty much signing, “I love you” in that last one! I love you too, Eli, and I’m so happy we’re on the same page with loving the DockATot :) xoxo

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