Nursing Strike – One Month Later

It’s been exactly one month since Jemma last nursed. I tried everything I could to overcome her nursing strike. But, nothing. If I think about it too much it brings me to tears. I had grand hopes of nursing Jemma until she was at least 2. When she was a wee thing I read a […]

Nursing Strike – Day 10

Sadly, we have made no progress on the nursing front. I’m not really sure what else to try or when to give up pumping, but I wanted to pop in and at least give an update. Good news is … the chiropractor helped Jemma’s ear infection! We went in on Monday and Wednesday for ear […]

Nursing Strike – Day 2, 3, 4, and 5

Yep, that’s right. We are on day 5 of this nursing strike :( Thank you so much for your sweet comments and encouragement on my initial post. It’s been a rough road and I’m still unsure where/when it will end. I’ve talked quite a bit with my amazing La Leche League lactation consultant and we’ve […]

Nursing Strike

If you’re not into the nitty gritty of breastfeeding, feel free to skip this post. It’s pretty much the run down of a lovely little breastfeeding bump in the road. Bottom line – today was rough. Like, so rough, I’m not really looking forward to tomorrow, lest it repeat. That would be LAME. Jemma started […]