Swistle. It rhymes with thistle. AND … it is my favorite site to peruse baby names!Parents across the country can submit their name dilemma on Swistle. Need a boy name by August? Need to it flow with your last name? Don’t want it to end in ‘O’? Swistle is the place to be!We submitted our […]

Boy and Girl Name Poll

So many things to vote on these days!Elections — my voter pamphlet just came in the mail — don’t forget to do this every day so I can keep meeting blog friends :) But the most important is the one on the right — the infamous BOY and GIRL NAME POLL. Place your vote.Don’t be […]

We’ll find a name baby, don’t worry

I’m not having any luck convincing Dominic of the name Wilder Dean. So, I’m trying to dream up some new options … Today, I thought of Tad Valentine. Valentine was my grandpa’s middle name and I thought Tad would fulfill Dominic’s name requirement of “sounds good over a P.A. system”. Au contrare. He thought it […]

Baby Hubcap?

Mom (via text): What about Finn Anthony? Gretchen: Dominic, what do you think about Finn Anthony? Dominic: What? Why not name him Bumper or Hubcap? No. No, no, no. Gretchen: Well, I like it. Why can’t you contribute anything new? The conversation went downhill from there. End of the story – we’re not any closer […]

Options, options, options

Post-dinner conversation … Gretchen: What about Levi?Mom: I like it! Where did that come from?Gretchen (whispering): It’s Bristol Palin’s baby daddy’s name … don’t tell Dom, that could taint it.Dominic: It sounds like Levi Jeans … no. And there we are … back at square one :)